Using the Wheel of Life Exercise to Understand Yourself Better

Understanding ourselves better leads to a greater sense of purpose. When we know what we want in life, it’s easier to attract the people, places, and opportunities that nourish our soul. A powerful personal development tool for checking which areas of your life need work is the Wheel of Life.

Copy the wheel out on a piece of A4 paper (drawing around a small plate is ideal – then split into quarters) and feel free to change the headings to suit your needs. Instead of energy, you might prefer environment, and instead of spiritual you might prefer creativity.

The idea is to rate each area of your life on a scale of 1 – 10 (one being unsatisfied and ten being totally satisfied). It would be lovely to achieve a perfect circle as you move from category to category, but it’s more likely to be a zig-zag line.

Spend five minutes marking off on the scale where your level of satisfaction is in all the areas and see how you get on. The lower scores (where your line dips towards the middle) gives you a guideline as to which areas of your life need more care and attention.

Think about what you can do to boost the areas where you feel unsatisfied. For example, if your energy levels are at a two take a look at what you’ve been eating recently and introduce a few healthier meal options. If your friend’s section is only four work your way through your contacts list and arrange a couple of meet ups or a girls’ night out.

I do the wheel of life exercise a couple of times throughout the year as it helps me to see at a glance where I need to concentrate my efforts.

Have a go at the exercise and let me know how you get on over on the Facebook page, or share your highest and lowest categories in the comments below.

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  1. Right now my low is energy, closely followed by creativity and my high is family!
    But that us to be expected, as I enter Easter holidays. I’m sure it will up!!!

    1. With everything you’ve been through recently I’m not surprised your energy levels are low. Hopefully the Easter break with revitalise you (and get your creative juices flowing!) x

    1. That’s a great observation, Angela. I’ve just written a post for a business group about the financial year review – why do we always concentrate on the business side of life and neglect the rest? Reviewing every aspect of our lives is the only way we can see at a glance what we need to work on.

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