Theme of the Month: Willingness to Change

Our theme for October is Willingness to Change.

When I was working through the year of challenges for my book (How I Changed My Life in a Year), I ran on pure will power and short term motivation. There were other factors involved such as organising my time, pre-planning my challenges, and chunking my big goal into smaller more manageable tasks. However, the majority of the year was a pure adrenalin rush of chaos.

The success of my challenge and the best selling status of my book meant that I was regularly associated with motivation and asked more times than I can count how to motivate others. It’s a topic I’m asked about so much that it prompted me to start my Motivate Me Academy.

The first thing I’ll tell anyone is that motivation can’t be maintained unless you are one-hundred per-cent committed to the job in hand.

I’m a serial dieter and have bounced from slimming group to slimming group over the past couple of decades. Following the plan works – move more and eat less works. So why does it all slip away after a few months or years and you end up back at the start? The answer is simple. You’re working on short term motivation and not looking at the long term factors.

It’s almost impossible to achieve anything unless you are willing to change at your core, and that involves digging deeper into the limiting beliefs that thwart you, your behaviours and attitudes, and any habitual patterns. Until you change these, you’ll always burn out after that initial short term motivational boost and revert to old habits.

Over to You

Throughout October I’ll be sharing ways you can change your mind-set and be willing to make the necessary changes that will bring long term success. I hope you’ll join me for our theme of the month and share your experiences either here on the blog, or via my Motivate Me Facebook page.

Make a list of all the times you’ve joined the gym, started a diet, began a project, written a New Year Resolution list, and then note down when/how you let these new regimes slide. Jot down how you felt about it as you began, during the experience, and then how you felt once you’d given up – be honest with yourself.

The more you can become aware of your old patterns the easier it is to make the necessary changes.

Need More Support?

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, or need more support. Or if you can’t recognise your limiting beliefs then join me on my Motivate Me Facebook page. I’ll be sharing lots of tips throughout October. Alternatively, you can join my VIP Academy group. The ladies within the group are engaged, encouraging, and honest. It’s a safe space where you can share your story without judgement.

QUESTION: If you could change one thing about yourself or your life what would it be?

You can read about September’s theme (Self-Care) HERE.


  1. Great theme for the month Shelley!
    I think I need to be able to stand my ground more,not be the one who always steps down, to keep the peace, and work out how to love myself, find my happy weight….

    1. Thanks, Ritu. I totally agree with you about standing your ground. I’ve given my power away far too many times over the years.

  2. I want to get more sleep. I’m reading a book about how damaging it is to mental and physical health to get less than eight hours sleep, but it turns out that that isn’t enough to change the habits of almost a lifetime.

    1. Oh, I can relate to this April! A tough habit to get out of, but highly beneficial if you can manage to develop a good sleeping pattern.

  3. Great post Shelley. The fact is willpower and determination are really important tools to achieving change but the fact is they are the tools of the conscious mind and without changing the underlying beliefs in the subconscious, as you say, it will be temporary. By definition how they manifest on the outside; weight, relationships, shopping, debt etc these are symptoms they are not the cause, which is the root belief and you need a subconscious tool for this; NLP, hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K, TFT, EFT etc. Anne x

    1. Having such busy lives is often the hardest habit to break because we run on autopilot. I hope you manage to find a happy balance, Marjorie x

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