Theme of the Month: Intention

Theme of the Month: Intention

What does intention mean to you?

Intentions are the thoughts we have that allow us to design the life we deserve. It’s about being mindful – focused on the present moment.

For many years I’ve written a New Year Resolution list and planned out my goals. However, this year I thought I’d try something a little different. Instead of regurgitating the resolutions I never seem to accomplish (ironing pile!) I thought it might be better for my mental health to set myself intentions for 2019.

What’s the difference?

New Year Resolutions

A New Year resolution is an external part of who you are. It’s something you want to be, do, or have in your life and can come from a position of deprivation. There are too many scenarios whereby you set a resolution or goal and fail to achieve it within the year, or even abandon the idea within a few weeks. It’s at this point we feel the hefty weight of failure hanging around our neck.

I began my writing career by setting myself fifty-two challenges and writing about the year-long experience. It could be described as overwhelming, totally crazy, and unachievable, however, I did manage to complete every single challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I’ve also never repeated this exercise!


To set an intention is to allow yourself to live in the now and act from a position of abundance. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have or haven’t achieved yet (weight loss/new job) you can set an intention that drives your focus in a positive way throughout the year.

Over the past couple of months I’ve put a fair amount of weight on. This has happened for two reasons – Firstly, I ate all the pies! Secondly, I don’t like myself very much at the moment. I could write a resolution that says ‘lose two stone by July’ but it doesn’t help how I feel deep down. By setting an intention rather than a resolution I can say ‘I intend to have a healthier relationship with my body and love myself unconditionally’ – now that sounds better already!

I’ll still have to put in the work when it comes to weight loss but setting an intention allows me to align with what I truly want – to like myself again. Intentions are what you want to bring to certain situations and by setting intentions and repeating them (verbally/written) you end up living an authentic life surrounded by that positive energy.

Throughout January I will be sharing content about intentions here on my blog as well as on the Motivate Me Facebook page and VIP Facebook group. Feel free to join in with the conversation.

Question: What intentions will you set for 2019?


  1. I’m liking your first intention.
    I’ll join you in that one!
    My biggest intention is that I intend to finish all that is required to publish my first novel!
    Happy New Year Shelley!
    Happy Intention Fulfillment!

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