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Book Lovers TagThe Book Lovers Tag
I spotted this tag on the fabulous Mint Tea and Elephants blog and thought it would be fun to join in.
Do you have a specific place for reading?
I have a few favourite spots. One is curled up on a comfy chair in my writing cave as it overlooks the garden. I can have a wistful glance at the shrubbery when I come across an incredible piece of prose I wished I’d written! The next is my bed where I’ll happily retire as early as nine o’clock if a new chapter or three is calling. My last favourite spot is in the garden languishing on a sun lounger with a glass of something cold. Of course, I live in the UK so this is a rare occurrence, but I can dream!
Bookmarks or random pieces of paper?
I love bookmarks and will happily hoard a wild and wacky collection, however, just like those moments in life when you need a pen and can’t find one, the same happens with bookmarks. I am, therefore, a random piece of paper, ticket, tissue, nail file kinda gal.
Can you just stop anywhere or must it be at the end of a chapter?
Ooh, if I can’t make the end of a chapter I get very twitchy. If I’m on a train and my stop is approaching at breakneck speed, I try to make it to the end of a paragraph, but I’m then in a grump until I can pick it back up again.
Do you eat or drink while reading?
No! I need to be fully committed to my book so can’t be distracted by crumbs, or spillages (yes, I’m a messy eater). I’m the same with films. If I go the cinema, I need to scoff my sweets and drink before the trailers start so I can concentrate on the movie!
Music or TV while reading?
Neither. I need silence when I’m reading.
One book at a time or several?
Normally I’ll have three on the go at once. One fiction novel and a couple of non-fiction books. I can dip in and out of the non-fiction which tends to be personal development books, but I can only do one fiction novel at a time.
Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?
I’d love to be able to pop to a cosy coffee shop and read, but I’m far too nosey and would just be using the book as a prop to hide behind and eavesdrop on the conversations around me – it’s the write in me. I’m a home reader unless it’s the beach – I can always read at the beach.
Read out loud or silently?
I’m a silent reader unless it’s non-fiction. I often find that a quote or interesting theory to a personal development topic is absorbed better if I say it out loud. The only other time I’ll read aloud is when I read my own writing back to myself to see if it makes sense.
Do you read ahead or skip pages?
I’ll only skip ahead if I think something terrible is going to happen to a favourite character – I need to prepare myself in advance!
Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?
Please, forgive me, but I’m a spine breaking, corner folding, rough it up and make it look loved book lover.
Do you write in your books?
*Audible Gasp*
Never! Unless it’s non-fiction and then I might underline the bits I need. As a writer, I have a notebook where I’ll copy out my favourite pieces of dialogue or descriptions. I’ve got a great collection.
That was fun! If you want to have a go at the Book Lovers Tag, then please consider yourself tagged. I’d love to read your answers so feel free to send me the link to your blog post.
Thanks for reading x
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  1. I have more bookmarks than I’ll ever need, but there’s always a time when I don’t have one handy when I need it. So I do use whatever is around, including the dust cover flap. I think I will consider myself tagged and post my answers as soon as I have a chance.

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