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Take 2: Directing Your Best Life.
I recently attended a two-day workshop run by author and coach, Christine Frey and business and personal development coach, Anne Wilkinson called Take 2: Directing Your Best Life.
The two-day programme is based on Christine’s book of the same name and involves an in-depth look at changing the hidden script of your life.
There were twelve of us at the two-day event in Leamington Spa, all eager to soak up the wisdom and inspiration found at personal development events such as this. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, we all settled in for an insightful and engaging programme.
Day one began with quick introductions before launching into the complex world of ‘the mind’ and how we operate on automatic pilot. We looked at our thought patterns, the internal dialogue we use daily, our awareness and attention, as well as our conscious and sub-conscious mind.
We all operate from an out-of-date script which was written at a very young age. These are the beliefs and habits that limit us.
Christine FreyChristine uses the concept of movies and asks us to be the Director of our own life. The two-day programme guides you through the various aspects of life from the point of view of the Editor (our conscious mind), the Critic (our limiting beliefs and habits), the Producer (a higher power), and the Star (ourselves).
Working through our hidden script allows us to do a series of re-writes and create a new vision of our reality.
I loved the variety of exercises involved in this workshop which included breaking into smaller discussion groups’ right through to creating our vision for the future with paper, coloured pens, and a series of thought-provoking questions dotted around the workshop space.
I took so much away from this programme to help me re-write my hidden script and build a more positive future. I could pinpoint the limiting beliefs that weren’t serving me, and then use the techniques from the course to focus my attention on creating a better life experience.
I’d highly recommend this two-day programme if your life has fallen short of your expectations and you long to take control, release your creativity, and discover your true potential.
For more information follow the Take 2 Facebook page.
Buy Take 2: Directing Your Best Life from Amazon UK or Amazon US.
51GuFwW3b+LAre you really the Director of your own life, or is there something else controlling your thoughts and actions, and ultimately your future?
Take 2 guides you on a fascinating journey into your subconscious mind, where you will discover the hidden script you act out each day, come face to face with the Critic, meet the Star and become the Editor of the movie that is your own life.
Take 2 gives you the tools to uncover limiting beliefs which have kept you on a path you never consciously chose and caused you to make the same mistakes again and again. Enter the Cutting Room and discover how to rewrite your script, create new beliefs and become the best version of you. From the Director’s chair, learn how to consciously create the life you have always wanted, then tap into the power of the Producer, to reconnect with the wonder and awe you knew as a child, and supercharge your very own Take 2 life.
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