March in Pictures Photo Challenge Week 2 #marchinpictures #photography

It’s the second week of my March in Pictures Challenge! How did you get on? I’ve loved seeing everyone’s pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and thank you all so much for tagging me in. If you want to take a look just follow the hashtag #marchinpictures. There’s still plenty of topics left for you to get involved.

6th March – Animals: The upside of snow is the blank canvas is creates for my beautiful little Luna!


7th March – Water: Being by water is something that calms my soul, whether that’s the sea or a lake. Here’s one from Lake Garda, Italy.


8th March – Nature: I think I could fill an entire blog post with images of nature. I have a Pinterest Board to celebrate each season of the year but as we are leaving winter behind (fingers crossed) I thought I’d share one last snowy image.


9th March – Food: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting back into cooking since starting my elimination diet, and finding wholesome, organic produce has added to that joy. If our food looks nice then we savour it more. This was the buffet selection at our hotel in Menorca last summer. It was an absolute delight to visit the restaurant and see the food on display.


10th March – Flowers: Spring is just around the corner.


11th March – Mothers: A perfect topic to have on Mother’s Day so here’s a picture of my lovely mum, Brenda when we took her to the Emmerdale set (sat in the Woolpack Inn).


Want to join in? Here are the topics for the rest of March

March in pictures

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March in Pictures #Photography Challenge #marchinpictures

What does happiness mean to you? For a long time I thought it was something I needed to obtain, but after many years of self-work and personal development, I realised that happiness came from within.

With this awareness, I tried to discover ways to enhance those feelings of joy and contentment in everyday life. I guess this is why I enjoy taking part in challenges so much as they push me out of my comfort zone and help me to live in the moment.

In January I shared my Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life series, and in February I shared a Self-Improvement Challenge. March is a month where we start to think about warmer weather and spring cleaning. We witness the marvel of new beginnings in the shoots unfurling from the ground. The days are lighter and longer, and people start to smile more as they soak up the spring sunshine.

A few years ago I took part in the 100 Happy Days Challenge on Instagram. It’s a wonderful way of noticing what’s going on around you and learning to live in the moment. The rules are simple: share one photograph every day for 100 days that makes you happy and add the #100HappyDays hashtag.

For March I wanted to embrace this challenge but offer up some structure. With the 100 Happy Days Challenge, you are in charge of what you post, and there were a few days when I took a random picture of the cat or the TV because I hadn’t done anything worth remembering.

I thought it might be a fun task to follow a plan. So, below you’ll find a month’s worth of photography topics.

The challenge is this: take a picture every day on the appropriate topic and either share it on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, or blog. Add the hashtag #marchinpictures (MARCH IN PICTURES). Feel free to tag me in on any of my platforms or add your images in the comments on each of my weekly blog posts.

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Instagram – @authorslwilson

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March in pictures

I’ll be posting my pictures here on my blog every Monday so feel free to join me and add your images to the comments or tag me in if you’re sharing on your blogging platform.

Have fun with this challenge and remember to stay in the moment. Let your creativity shine!

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1st March – Selfie with a Smile

2nd March – Favourite Meal

3rd March – Favourite Place

4th March – Favourite People

5th March – Favourite Outfit

6th March – Animals

7th March – Water

8th March – Nature

9th March – Food

10th March – Flowers

11th March – Mothers

12th March – Technology

13th March – Day

14th March – Night

15th March – Red

16th March – Circles

17th March – Landscape

18th March – Blue

19th March – Love is…

20th March – Black and White

21st March – Lines

22nd March – Yellow

23rd March – Guilty Pleasure

24th March – Favourite Time of Day

25th March – Buildings

26th March – Green

27th March – My View

28th March – Emotions

29th March – Hobby

30th March – Sparkle

31st March – Freedom


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