Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life: Week 4 #PersonalDevelopment

January Challenge: Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life

Daily TasksWelcome to the fourth week of my January Challenge. I hope you managed to achieve all the daily tasks from last week’s post. If you missed it then catch up HERE.

Here are the next seven day’s challenges:

Day 1 – Be the Best.

Whatever you do today be the best at it. Take pride in what you do and feel passionate about doing something worthwhile. If you don’t feel like this about your life/job look at how you can either improve or make changes.

Day 2 – Be Bold.

Review your goals then set bigger ones! Look at what you’ve achieved then aim higher. Push yourself, challenge yourself, and focus on breaking out of your comfort zone today.

Day 3 – Learn Forgiveness.

Let go of any past hurts whether they are in your personal or professional life. Holding on to these emotions is only causing you pain. Let it go and get on with your life.

Day 4 – Forget Material Wealth.

Stop focusing on what you’ve got or what you want. Today I want you to concentrate on making memories. Remember, you can’t take any of this material stuff with you when you die so start building your legacy today.

Day 5 – Be Positive.

Feel empowered rather than hindered. Rethink how you view situations and turn a negative into a positive. Being positive attracts more of the same into your life.

‘Thoughts become things.’

Day 6 – Take a Break.

Rest when you need it. It does no good to keep going until you break. Today is all about getting quality me-time, relaxing, and regenerating.

Day 7 – Enjoy the Little Moments.

Reading a book. A mug of hot chocolate. A walk in the snow. Coffee with a friend. Relish the small moments in your life today.

There you go. Seven-day challenge. I’ll post another seven challenges next Monday so be sure to check back and join in. Leave a comment in the section below and share how you got on, or if there was anything you struggled with.

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Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life #PersonalDevelopment

January Challenge: Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life

Daily TasksWhen I started blogging five years ago, it was to record a series of challenges I’d set myself as part of my New Year Resolutions. Over the years my blog has evolved to include posts on holistic health, wellbeing, mental health, family, blogging, and personal development. These are all topics I love to learn and talk about. My background as a holistic health practitioner and tutor sets me up perfectly to share my thoughts and lessons on these topics.

I was doing a bit of goal setting recently and thought about where I wanted my blog to go. With the success of my recent series How to Create a More Fulfilling Future (you can read the final post HERE). I thought it would be fun to return to my roots and share more challenge related posts.

I’ve worked out an entire year’s worth of challenges for you. Some are thought-provoking, and others are for a bit of fun. Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life is January’s challenge series. For the next four weeks I’ll be setting you, my blog readers, a challenge to do one thing every day to improve your life.

I’d love to know how you get on with this so feel free to record your challenge in the comments or share your thoughts on my Facebook page.

Here are the tasks to try for the next seven days:

Day 1 – Don’t Put Your Life on Hold.

If you’ve been putting things off, then today’s the day to take control. Think about which area of your life you want to make changes or move forward and work out a plan of action. Start working on it today.

Day 2 – Stop Moaning.

It’s the start of a brand new year, so I want you to forget about last year’s problems and concentrate on being positive. Leave all that negativity behind and embrace a new start. If there’s one issue that you’re struggling to leave behind, then I suggest you write it down and burn the piece of paper (safely!)

Day 3 – Be Flexible.

If you’ve done everything the same way but never achieved the results you hoped for then perhaps it’s time to make some changes. Think about how you can do something different to achieve your goals. Avoid trying to be perfect or set in your ways and be open to new ideas.

Day 4 – Be Grateful.

Think about everything you are grateful for today and write it down in a journal. Keeping a gratitude journal is a good habit to increase positivity and peace.

Day 5 – Set Goals.

It’s the perfect time of year to write a New Year Resolution list, but is that wise? Instead of a long list of maybes design a plan for this year, the next three years, or the next five years. What do you want to do, be, or have? Work on a plan of action to achieve your dreams.

Day 6 – Have Fun.

Dance, sing, and laugh. Today is all about enjoying yourself and letting go of the self-imposed restrictions of day to day life.

Day 7 – Love Yourself.

Write yourself a love letter saying all the things you like about who you are. It’s important to remember how important you are and learn to love and honour yourself with positive self-talk and self-care.

There you go. Seven-day challenge. I’ll post another seven challenges next Monday so be sure to check back and join in. Leave a comment in the section below and share how you got on, or if there was anything you struggled with.

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10 Ways to Live Your Best Life #SelfCare

10 ways to live your best lifeLast week I turned 45 years old and celebrated with a slap up breakfast, a trip to the cinema, and an early night! Oh, how times have changed. It doesn’t bother me that my life is no longer a whirling mess of hangovers, nor do I feel like I’m missing out if I prefer to snuggle on the sofa watching Walking Dead reruns. We all need to choose a lifestyle that suits our desires and try not to fit in with the expectations of others, or indeed, compare ourselves with the lifestyles of our friends and colleagues.

As I excitedly unwrapped a Baby Groot bobble head, I chuckled as I realised my kids know me so well and embrace the fact that their mum will always be young at heart.

Embracing my inner child, evolving my skills and filling my life with laughter are all important goals as I look towards the next 45 years, and I believe I owe it to myself, and my children, to live the best possible life I can.

As I pondered on this intention, I thought it would be interesting to share a few ways we can all live our best life.

Here’s what I came up with… Read more

Established Blog is on the Move

Welcome to our new home!

on January 1st 2013 I published my first blog post. It was my way of announcing to the world that I was about to embark on a series of challenges, one for every month of the year, and I was going to hold myself accountable by blogging the entire process.

I survived that year, and achieved a host of challenges, and that blog grew from strength to strength. Over the past couple of years I’ve got to know the blogging world better, and I’ve made many friends within the blog-o-sphere. I also write a book blog here on WordPress so I knew I liked the platform and loved the support and sense of community.

For me, it made sense to up sticks and move. Being a total technophobe, I decided to skip the nail biting action of moving all my content from Blogger to WordPress and took the wimps way out by picking and choosing the most popular posts to re-post on this platform.

I’m still keeping my original post running as I know people do pop back to read older posts from time to time, but I shall be posting all my new content here.

I hope you’ll join me on my continuing personal development journey, and please feel free to engage with a like, a share, and a comment when you get a chance.