Step into Success with this Easy Exercise #selfhelp #success

Step into Success with this Easy Exercise.
SuccessSuccess is an odd word because for some it conjures up the corporate business world, or highly toned athletes competing for that gold medal. It’s a shiny word batted around the entrepreneur internet sites, and is often discussed at length during a Ted talk. But what does success mean to you?
For me, success is remembering all the items on my shopping list and not forgetting to feed the fish! Okay, I’ll admit, I do feel the stirrings of accomplishment when I release a book and it receives positive feedback, but I believe that any victory can be those huge achievements as well as the small wins.
Do you ever look at someone you know, or a celebrity you admire, and feel a gravitational pull towards them? You want to be near them, watch them on TV shows, or learn more about them. They are winners, and everyone loves a winner. Somewhere on their journey, this celebrity or friend/colleague has told themselves that they deserve to be or have the best. They then, in turn, attract oodles of excellent things into their life. They value themselves and can, therefore, lead a balanced life. Imagine this is you and your life; you are the one running a successful business, signing a three-book deal, getting married, losing weight, or succeeding in whatever goals you set yourself.
I was told about a marvellous tip to help you believe in your own success by one of my mentors, and although it took some practice, I managed to visualise everything I needed so I could experience the feeling of accomplishment. Try this and use the technique whenever you need to correct any negative thoughts. You can do it at any time day or night, but I find that just before I go to sleep is the best time.
Imagine yourself sitting in a huge theatre. You are in the front row and feeling excited about seeing your favourite actor/actress/singer/entrepreneur/guru. They are giving a talk on how they achieved success and got to be where they are today. Every single seat in the theatre is sold out, and there is an eager vibe rippling through the audience. The lights dim and the red velvet curtains sweep aside. The headline act steps forward to take their place in front of the microphone. You look up at the stage and see yourself standing there. The audience is clapping and cheering, and you are beaming back at them, happy to be standing in front of them, and eager to share your story of success. TheatreOwn it. Imagine picking up the microphone and addressing the packed theatre. Picture yourself walking across the stage confidently chatting about your life, and the goals you set yourself. Share with them the lows and the moments you felt a little lost, and then feel the rush of adrenaline when you tell them how you turned those negatives to positives and achieved the ultimate goal. Hear them gasp, visualise them laughing along with your anecdotes, and see them clearly in your mind give a standing ovation when you’ve finished your speech. These people came to see you, they wanted to hear you speak, they spent hard-earned money to spend an hour or two in your orbit. Move over Oprah/Gabrielle Bernstein, _______(insert your name here) has arrived!
I think this is one of the favourite tools in my personal development toolkit. Visualisation is so powerful and can attract so much positivity and success into your life. Try it and let me know how you get on.
(Source: Extract from How I Motivated Myself to Succeed)
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  1. I’m doing that at the moment as I have to MC and be a guest speaker and an upcoming Mother’s Day event. Thanks for the exercise 🙂
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. A great exercise – I think you are right that when you believe in your ability to succeed, you attract the things that allow you to reach your goals. Oh, and thanks for reminding me to feed our fish – going to do that now! 😉

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