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Rethink Your Monday Morning Blues
We’ve all experienced the Monday morning blues at some time in our lives, whether it was dragging yourself out of a warm bed to go to school, or finding the energy to fight through another day at the office. That feeling stays with us, and our subconscious begins to see Monday morning as a threat. If we’ve got sweaty palms, a tension headache, and stomach pains then our body will believe that we need to avoid the situation and so, in turn, pile more misery on us each week until we submit and stay in bed – where it’s safe!
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As wonderful as that may sound (who doesn’t love a duvet day!) it’s not conducive to a balanced and functioning life. We need to be up and alert every morning no matter what day of the week it is.
How can we rethink our default Monday blues? It’s easier than you think. Here are my top 5 tips to make Monday your favourite day of the week:
Write your to-do list on Friday. As you begin to wind down before the weekend try and get as much work done as possible, so your list isn’t full of high priority tasks at the start of the week. If your to-do list is short and relatively easy, it will help you to slide into a new week feeling calm and in control.
Start your day with a self-care ritual that suits you. For me, it’s doing a daily meditation at 6 am every morning. By taking ten minutes to breathe and focus I kick off my day feeling balanced and at peace. You may prefer to paint your nails a cheerful colour, go to the gym before work, or watch an inspirational YouTube video. Whatever it is, embrace the feel-good factor and look forward to your morning ritual.
Add a splash of colour to your day. Image consultant, Sarah, from Sarah Gray Image agrees with me “We tend to reach for our bright colours only when we feel great. But, have you ever thought how these bright colours could actually improve your mood? Colours carry different energies and as a consequence will affect our mood and the mood of those around us. What’s the brightest colour you have? If not a top, why not a belt? Or a handbag or scarf? Undecided? The highest energy is in red. Go on, give it a go”
Eat breakfast like a Queen! We’ve all heard the saying ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’. It makes sense to start your day with a breakfast full of protein and goodness that will slowly release energy throughout the morning. It’s also common sense to avoid a large meal just before bed. Allow yourself time to poach a couple of eggs, or better still, make overnight oats, so all you have to do is grab your breakfast from the fridge in the morning.
Create a happiness jar. I’ve blogged about the happiness jar before (you can read that post HERE). Spending five minutes on a Monday morning adding all the activities, opportunities, meet ups, and chilled times to your jar will remind you why you get up every Monday and go to work, why you run your business, and why you stay focused on creating a balanced life.
Embrace Monday as a new opportunity to create something amazing and meet new and influential people. Embrace your inner child and remember the innocence and excitement of Monday morning rolling around again and the chance to see your school friends on the playground. You might not run through the office door and ask the first person you see if they want to play hopscotch, but a giggle and catch up over the coffee machine can be just as good.
Happy Monday!


  1. I’m retired, so Mondays don’t feel the same as they used to. I’m surprised more people don’t wear bright colours. Even when I was at work I wore pink and red.

    1. It amazes me how much of a difference a splash of colour can make! The Monday morning dynamics have shifted for us since my three kids have finished uni, college, and school for the summer. There’s a relaxed vibe in the house this morning 😉

  2. I give myself a little pep talk on Sundays now – because I used to start dreading Monday before Sunday had even finished. Now I tell myself that it’ll be great, that work will go well, and I’ll be done and dusted with the day before I know it. Mondays are less awful than they used to be, so something’s working!

  3. This is so great. There’s some Monday’s I just don’t wanna get out of bed. Of course my kids help me to get out because I gotta care for them. I do try to plan things out for what I need to accomplish on Monday and throughout the week though.

  4. I never had Monday morning blues, it used to hit me mid afternoon on a Sunday that the next day was back to work. So I used to play loud music and sing and dance around the house! That used to fix it. Now I am in my second career as an artist things are more leisurely and sometimes I don’t even notice it is a Monday – how scary is that?

  5. I have two quotes written on the wall where I work. One says, “You didn’t come this far only to come this far!” and the other says, “Whatever is happening now in your life is serving a purpose. Be fully in each moment.” I try to be.

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