Reset, Recharge, and Reflect on Your Goals this Summer

August is the month to reset, recharge, and reflect.

Reset, Recharge, and Reflect on Summer Holiday
August Theme of the Month: Reset, Recharge, Reflect

Here in the UK, the schools have broken up for summer and families are finding time in their usually busy schedule to take a few trips, embark on a holiday, or spend more quality time together. I’m heading off to Croatia soon for a week away with my family. It’s somewhere I’ve never been before, and I’m excited to be able to explore a new country, culture, and to sneak off for the Game of Thrones tour!

Holidays are the ideal time to switch off from all the responsibilities of home and work life. The ironing pile is a distant memory, and the constant stream of emails popping up in your inbox was forgotten the minute you boarded the plane or set foot on the sand.

Although switching off and spending quality time with your family and friends is an ideal plan for the summer, I also believe the month of August can be used to reset your goals, recharge your soul, and reflect on what you want from the rest of the year.


Just like you might hit Ctrl, Alt, Delete to reset your computer when it’s on the fritz, use this month to do an emotional equivalent for yourself. Take a break from the screen (computer, laptop, TV, phone, and even your iPad – read a physical book!). Say no to anything you don’t feel one-hundred-per-cent connected to. Reset friendships and online relationships by shedding any negativity from your life.


Take a deep breath every morning when you wake up and be thankful that you have a day full of wonder and opportunity ahead of you. Eat lots of healthy vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and good fats. Be kind to your body, and it will repay you in strength and stamina. Try adopting a free-from diet for one month. Get out and move more. Explore the incredible places you plan to visit this month, dance at festivals, swim in a warm sea or find some other way to exercise outdoors.


Think about how far you’ve come this year up until this point. What have you achieved? Where have you been? Who have you met? Reflect on the here and now and think about your values, emotions, and daily thoughts. Are you living a life that represents your true self? Are you honouring your core values? Do you use kind language when talking to yourself? By being still and quiet you allow yourself time and space to reflect on life.

Reflection is a vital process in goal setting as it helps you to map out where you’re coming from, where you’re going, and the process of achieving everything in between.

As you sit on your sun lounger in Italy, enjoy a coffee in a Spanish bar, or watch over the kids as they play in the Cornish sea use that time to reset, recharge, and reflect so that next month you are ready to fulfil your aspirations and realise your dreams.

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