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Real Women, Real Lives

Who inspires you? Who do you use as your motivator to get things done or to make valuable changes to your life?

There are thousands of women who stimulate our need for greatness. They appear on our television and movie screens, we listen to them on the radio, or we read their encouraging stories in articles or books. It’s easy to put a celebrity on a pedestal and desire their lifestyle, skillset and strength of character, but we don’t need to turn to the glossy magazines, or the big screen, to find inspirational women who can motivate us to succeed. They live next door, work alongside us, and talk to us at the supermarket.

The Real Women, Real Lives feature highlights the incredible individuals who have succeeded on their chosen path, or turned misfortune into positivity. Ladies who have conquered illness or gone above and beyond to help others, and made a difference. Women who have stepped out of their comfort zone and launched a business, or ventures that have an impact on their environment, or community.

These remarkable women are your friend, co-worker and neighbour and I’m delighted to be able to share their stories with you.

Today, I am delighted to invite Elizabeth Beetham of Power for Health to share her story.

Tell us a little about you and your story.

I had a difficult childhood I was the youngest of five children, an unwanted child born when life was tough for my parents.  We lived in a council house in Birmingham and from the age of five my mother worked full-time to support us.  My 10 year old sister had to look after me.  My father was an alcoholic and could be violent when drunk, although he was never violent to me. It was difficult and to compound those early difficulties I became pregnant at 15. My first boyfriend and was married three weeks after my 16th Birthday.  Not the best start to life.  I was a mother of two by the time I was 19 and felt that my life was over.

Even so I was always determined and very ambitious. I gained qualifications at evening college and started a career with British Gas, for which I am eternally grateful.  I met my wonderful husband there too. It was a terrific company to work for in those days and their management training was excellent.  I rose through the ranks and did well.  Just when I thought I was settled for life, change happened and I decided to take a very good redundancy package.  I was offered a post with an insurance and financial services company and within a short time was made a Director.  I will always remember the joy of that promotion it will live with me all my life, the sense of achievement was enormous.

I was very driven and worked ridiculously long hours.  I was killing myself and when my dear husband started our consultancy business Alpha Business Development Limited, I joined him and we worked together all over America and also Venezuela and Columbia, we had a wonderful time but I missed my children so we came home earlier than he would have like.  It was great working together but more difficult to find work as a team in the UK.  I decided it was time for a career change and with the support and encouragement of my husband I studied for my degree in Nutrition and Power for Health was born.  I can remember being asked to write an article on health for the Kenilworth Weekly News, and this is how I started my writing career.  I have now been a health journalist for over 14 years.  I have written a poetry book called Life Love Loss, contributed to the Believe series of books and have written a children’s book and I am just finishing writing a health book for busy executives, called “Don’t Die at Your Desk a Health and Wellness Guide for Busy Executives.”

Whats your biggest dream in life?

I suppose my biggest dream is to help and encourage as many people as possible to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  I would also love to be on the Oprah Winfrey show and for her to promote my books.

If you chose a power word for this year what would it be and why?

The best word for me this year is Success.  I feel my business is really moving forward and my latest book, “Don’t Die at Your Desk – a Health and Wellbeing Guide for Busy Executives” will launch my business forward.  I am going to New York in April and doing workshops on health there for two large financial services institutions so very excited about that prospect.

Who inspires you and why?

The celebrity that inspires me most is Oprah Winfrey she is an amazing women in the world and as a black American her achievements are phenomenal.  It is my experience having worked in America that the racial prejudice there is much greater than in the UK so for Oprah to have risen from humble beginning to become one of America’s most famous women is really extraordinary.  Oprah supports and motivates woman all over the world she is a beacon of shining light that shows us all the way.  She has my greatest admiration and her determination and tenacity continue to motivate me to succeed.

I realise that this interview is more about real woman who have inspired me and I think it is important to mention my mother here because from my earliest recollection she was a very strong influence in my life.  She was an incredible person who despite many difficulties and disadvantages gave us the best start she could.  I miss her.

What, in your experience, motivates you best? Can you give an example?

I am very self-motivated and suppose tenacious would be a good word to describe me.  The urge to always be working, encouraging and inspiring others is key to my happiness and keeps me motivated.

What actions/events/environments would adversely affect your motivation? Can you give an example and how you coped?

The worst thing that ever happened to me was when my darling husband died of a heart attack in a car park in Totnes.  In that moment my life changed, I not only lost my love I also lost my best friend and guru.  It took time to regain my confidence and motivation.  What helped me through was the fact that I knew he would want me to continue my work. I feel I go on for both of us and to make him proud.  One thing that helped me through was Yoga and I still find it so beneficial for my mental and physical health.

How do you ensure that your personal level of motivation is high on a daily basis?

I find exercise helps me to stay motivated.  I love to run, it clears my mind of negative thoughts and gives me energy.  I also enjoy going to the gym and building upper body strength its very empowering.

To find out more about Elizabeth Beetham you can connect with her here:


Twitter @PowerforHealth


Power for Health website


Meet Elizabeth at the Women in Business Conference at the Honiley Court Hotel, Kenilworth on Wednesday 8th May 2019.


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