Motivational Advent Calender: Door Number 2 #PersonalDevelopment #SelfLove #Belief

Welcome to your Motivate Me Advent Blog Calendar!

Throughout December, I shall be opening a new advent door on a personal development technique or tip that you might wish to try that day or save for the New Year.

Door Number Two: Have a little faith

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you wish you had achieved more than you have this year? Have a little faith in your abilities to step out of your comfort zone.

Once we take that leap, we often discover that everything works out just fine – if not better! Try saying ‘thank you’ to your brain for all the times it has kept you safe. Thank it and tell it that you appreciate everything it has done but you really want to try something new.

Claim your power and your ability to be adventurous and creative. Have a little faith in yourself.

Let me know what you wish you’d done this year, and what you’re going to do about making it a reality next year.



  1. I wish I’d managed to finish my rewrite… And send letters out to agents… But the time I had scheduled it in, Pops got ill, so it was a secondary wish… My first then changed to him getting better 💜

    1. Priorities change and we have to roll with it! Family comes first over everything else. As long as you still hold that belief and goal in your mind then it will happen xx

    1. Carrying projects over is a great way to keep the energy flowing, or so I like to believe. Good luck with it, Julia x

    1. I don’t know if you’re like me, Jeanne, but I tend to put so much pressure on myself to ‘get it all done’ instead of enjoying the process. The book I’m writing at the moment does have a deadline but I seem to be well on track as I’m loving the story. Getting a lot done is so much better than doing nothing at all! xx

  2. I if I am honest have finished the year on a massive positive and done and achieved all I wanted this year self care wellbeing remembering to look after me and also family are important spend every last min with them ❤️

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