Motivational Advent Calendar: Door Number 11 #PersonalDevelopment #LettingGo

Welcome to your Motivate Me Advent Blog Calendar!

Throughout December, I shall be opening a new advent door on a personal development technique or tip that you might wish to try that day or save for the New Year.

Door Number Eleven: Letting Go

If you’re anything like me your house will be messier that usual, you’ll be a tad more unorganised, and have probably forgotten an important appointment because you’ve got a million and one things on your mind! No? Just me then!!

There’s a fabulous personal development technique that helps you to embrace the chaos, and that’s to ‘just let go’. Letting go, or surrendering everything to the universe allows you the space to focus and flow.

Just thinking ‘I’m letting go of the need to control everything,’ will help you to cope. Saying ‘I’m surrendering to whatever happens,’ gives you an incredible sense of freedom.

Be willing to go with the flow, let go, and observe rather than control and see what happens.

Do you usually control every aspect of the Christmas holidays? How does it make you feel to think about taking a step back?


  1. Yes!!! To this!
    There are certain things that aren’t worth the stressing over, especially if they are out of your control!
    Your house will cope without being vacuumed for another day, as long as you have clean clothes, your laundry can wait..
    Just sit back and enjoy life 😍

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