Motivational Advent Calendar: Door 23 #SelfEsteem

Welcome to your Motivate Me Advent Blog Calendar!

Throughout December, I shall be opening a new advent door on a personal development technique or tip that you might wish to try that day or save for the New Year.

Door Number Twenty-Three: Boost Your Self-Esteem

I don’t mind telling you that my self-esteem can be rock bottom most of the time, but I’m also painfully aware of how important it is to have a good opinion of yourself.

Trusting ourselves, and believing in our own abilities is an integral part of who we are. When this is out of balance it can be catastrophic to our wellbeing. Think about how you speak to yourself on a day to day basis – would you speak to your best friend, or even someone you don’t like the same way?

Good self-esteem helps us to achieve our wildest dreams, treat ourselves with the respect we deserve, be confident to try new things, and be happy with who we are (inside and out). Unfortunately, our reactions and subsequent low self-esteem can have become a habit from a young age. Think about the times you felt insecure as a teenager, or worthless when a teacher/parent/boss told you you were stupid, silly, or lacking in some way.

Set yourself a goal for the New Year to be ‘the real you’. Don’t fall into the repeating habit of doing what you think you ‘should’ be doing, or pleasing other people because you think that’s what they want you to do.

Start small:

Accept a compliment when it’s given to you.

Stop comparing yourself/your life with others.

Tell yourself how amazing you are every day.

Do something you’ve never done before at least once a month.

Stop seeking approval from others and believe in yourself.

What actions are you going to take to help boost your self-esteem in 2019?:


  1. Hi Shelley,

    I’ve just been catching up on your Motivational Advent Calendar – what a brilliant idea! I’m creating a bullet journal for 2019 (first time doing one) and have been inspired by your posts. Thank you for the practical tips. Feeling motivated! 🙂

    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year. See you in 2019! x

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