Motivational Advent Calendar: Door 17 #SocialMedia #MentalHealth

Welcome to your Motivate Me Advent Blog Calendar!

Throughout December, I shall be opening a new advent door on a personal development technique or tip that you might wish to try that day or save for the New Year.

Door Number Seventeen: Have a Media Break

Social media can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming and open us up to vulnerability if we begin to compare ourselves to others. At this time of year, many of our online friends are sharing their trips out to the theatre, markets, and parties. It can leave us feeling inadequate, or lonely.

Have a break. Switch off your notifications or put your phone in another room. Reconnect with your friends in real life and go for a walk in the fresh air or a hot chocolate in your local café. Remind yourself that everyone puts their ‘best self’ online and the truth behind the smile can be very different.

Make Christmas day a phone free zone and enjoy being with your family, friends, or even on your own with a host of movies and a pot of chocolate. Enjoy your day without the constant distractions.

You could go one step further and have a Facebook Free February, or a time out from Twitter until the spring. The world will keep on turning, and life will carry on if you’re not on social media twenty-four hours a day, I promise!


  1. I neeeeed to do this. I’m hoping to have several days social media free days over Christmas. I can’t today. I think apart from using my camera- I’ll definitely do this on Christmas Day at least.

    1. Unlike my kids, I love it when we go on holiday and there is no WiFi – bliss! Switching off is so good for us. I leave my phone in another room after 6pm so I can’t see or hear the notifications – nothing is going to be so important on Facebook that I need to respond straight away. Good luck with your social media free days.

  2. Hmmm you’re so right, and this is why I really don’t like Social Media at all………but I’ve just committed to trying to do more of it!! For my business, my social life (to get one, it seems like everything and everyone is online these days). Your tips are absolutely right, and I wish more people would do it too!

    1. I’d recommend starting small – pick one platform (Facebook for example) and use that for your business and social life. It gets totally overwhelming when you have accounts on all the platforms!

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