March in Pictures Photo Challenge Week 2 #marchinpictures #photography

It’s the second week of my March in Pictures Challenge! How did you get on? I’ve loved seeing everyone’s pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and thank you all so much for tagging me in. If you want to take a look just follow the hashtag #marchinpictures. There’s still plenty of topics left for you to get involved.
6th March – Animals: The upside of snow is the blank canvas is creates for my beautiful little Luna!
7th March – Water: Being by water is something that calms my soul, whether that’s the sea or a lake. Here’s one from Lake Garda, Italy.
8th March – Nature: I think I could fill an entire blog post with images of nature. I have a Pinterest Board to celebrate each season of the year but as we are leaving winter behind (fingers crossed) I thought I’d share one last snowy image.
9th March – Food: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting back into cooking since starting my elimination diet, and finding wholesome, organic produce has added to that joy. If our food looks nice then we savour it more. This was the buffet selection at our hotel in Menorca last summer. It was an absolute delight to visit the restaurant and see the food on display.
10th March – Flowers: Spring is just around the corner.
11th March – Mothers: A perfect topic to have on Mother’s Day so here’s a picture of my lovely mum, Brenda when we took her to the Emmerdale set (sat in the Woolpack Inn).
Want to join in? Here are the topics for the rest of March
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      1. Sorry I read that as Luna was impressed with the snow! Therefore i am impressed with your skills… I dont know, typos misreads and gaffs seem to follow me lately????????

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