March in Pictures Photo Challenge Week 1 #photography #marchinpictures

How did you get on with the photo challenge this week? I’ve had great fun seeking out some of my favourite things to complete the first few days. Huge thanks to everyone who has joined in on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and for tagging me in. I loved seeing your pictures.
1st March – Selfie with a Smile: I was fortunate to be running a networking session for Socially Shared in Stratford on the 1st March so I had plenty of willing victims volunteers to join me for my selfie with a smile.
March in Pictures 1
2nd March – Favourite Meal: I’m currently on an elimination diet for an autoimmune disease so I’m discovering new recipes to try that are gluten, wheat, egg, and dairy free but still delicious. This one has to be my new favourite Friday night supper (Goan Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Rice).
Goan Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Rice
3rd March – Favourite Place: There’s only one place I could share for this photograph – Kenilworth Castle!
4th March – Favourite People: Family means the world to me and making memories with my kids is time well spent – especially on a snow day!
snow day
5th March – Favourite Outfit: I haven’t bought any new clothes for ages as I’d put loads of weight on. However, the plus side of being on the elimination diet is weight loss so I decided to treat myself. Spotted this gorgeous dress in Long Tall Sally and couldn’t resist it. It’s also something out of the ordinary for me as I tend to live in black clothes and my Timberland boots! (Thanks to my daughter for the photo shoot and to Luna for the photo bomb!!)

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