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That’s another week completed of my March in Pictures Challenge! How did you get on? I’ve loved seeing everyone’s pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and thanks for tagging me in. If you want to take a look just follow the hashtag #marchinpictures. There’s still plenty of topics left for you to get involved.
12th March – Technology: I wouldn’t get very far as a writer without my computer! It’s my favourite bit of tech.
13th March – Day: Here’s a picture of me on International Women’s Day in my role as bell monitor for the Socially Shared Business Support Network café conversations event. I take my role very seriously!
14th March – Night: A beautiful sunset over Lake Garda from the pier in Sirmione
15th March – Red: I’m thoroughly enjoying my gluten-free diet at the moment and adding bright red berries to my GF pancake makes me very happy 🙂
16th March – Circles: As part of my recent personal development coaching my lovely coach recommended that I find something to do that will help me switch off. I love my adult colouring books and not only did it help chill me out, it also contains lots of circles
17th March – Landscape: This picture was taken at Devil’s Den in Arkansas and has to be my favourite landscape of all.
Want to join in for the next few weeks? Here are the topics we’ve got left.
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