March in Pictures Challenge Week 4 #marchinpictures #wellbeing

That’s another week completed of my March in Pictures Challenge! How did you get on? It might seem like just a silly photo challenge but taking time every day to engage in this simple activity allows us to live in the moment and gets us thinking.
I’ve loved seeing everyone’s pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and for the great feedback I’ve received. If you want to take a look just follow the hashtag #marchinpictures. There’s one week left for you to get involved.
19th March – Love Is: An easy one for many of us today as photographs of friends and family were shared across social media. For me, Love Is my family far and wide.
20th March – Black and White: Always one to slip in a spot of book promo I decided to use the beautiful black and white book cover from Oath Breaker – no, it’s not cheating!
Giveaway 2
21st March – Lines: A stunning picture taken in Rome last year
22nd March – Yellow: Beautiful blooms from my thoughtful daughter
23rd March – Guilty Pleasure: My Cineworld Unlimited card was probably the best gift I ever bought myself as I go to the cinema so often. Watching movies, either at the cinema or at home is my guilty pleasure – especially when you add the popcorn!
24th March – Favourite Time of Day: As I’ve got older I think bedtime has become my favourite time. It’s the perfect time to snuggle with the cat and a good book.
25th March – Buildings: The Tower of London.
2017-06-09 15.56.44
Want to join in for the last few days? Here are the topics we’ve got left.
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