Lunch with The Gorgeousness Coach @realtristanlee and the MIBA Network #EventReview

Meet Tristan Lee, The Gorgeousness Coach.

Networking groups are a fabulous way to meet like-minded people, build relationships and collaborations, and listen to incredible guest speakers on a range of topics.

The MIBA Solihull Network invited author and Gorgeousness coach, Tristan Lee to share the secret of how he still gets ID’d as he approaches his 48th birthday.

I’ve read Tristan’s book, Munch, Move, Moisturise! and will be reviewing this on my author blog shortly. It’s an easy read and packed full of easy steps for improving your health and wellbeing.

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As Tristan was joining a business networking event, he adapted his talk to suit his audience’s needs, and his first question was a thought provoking one.

“How many of you include health and wellbeing in your business plan?”

He went on to explain how looking and feeling good inside and out leaves you feeling more confident, content, motivated, and energised – all the ingredients you need to run a successful business.

Tristan asked us to look closely at what we eat daily. There were plenty of giggles as slices of pizza drifted around the room, but in all seriousness, Tristan’s philosophy is a simple one. By nurturing yourself on the inside with good quality real food, we become more productive. He uses a sprinkler system which involves ‘sprinkling’ nuts, seeds, and berries to salads, smoothies, etc.

“Food is fuel,” he told us. “It’s the easiest way to find productivity enabling you to enjoy the success of taking responsibility of your health and wellbeing.”

Eat Yourself Gorgeous!

He challenged the attending ladies to take a photo of the contents of their fridge and send him the image. Could you do that?

It’s okay talking about wholesome food, but if you don’t have a plan to follow, then you’ll never make the necessary changes.

As business owners, we all run our diaries like a SAS mission. Networking events are scheduled in alongside client appointments and deadlines. However, do you build in time for movement and meal planning?

“Fitness is not a punishment for what you ate,” Tristan told us. Adding time for movement in your schedule is a simple habit that reaps incredible benefits. He advises us to buddy-up and grab a friend or colleague to walk, cycle, or swim with. “Don’t sacrifice your health to make your wealth.”

We could all relate to the times we’ve let things slide and allowed ‘life stuff’ to get in the way of our self-care. Tristan’s approach is to build sustainable habits into our daily routine that boost our abilities to obtain long term success thanks to long term health. By planning what you’ll eat for breakfast before work, the snacks you’ll have throughout the day, and your energy packed lunch it keeps you focused on your health and wellbeing.

As a writer, I can get caught up at my laptop for hours at a time. When lunchtime arrives, I might turn to the unhealthy snacks if I don’t have a wholesome lunch prepared. It’s all about taking time to pre-plan and get organised – something you’re already doing with your appointments and work related goals so why not extend that to your health.

Tristan used the analogy of a mobile phone. We charge our phones to 100% and then use that energy throughout the day. He asks us to look at our bodies in the same way. Can you slow down by 20%?

Some of the ladies asked how they could make these changes, and Tristan was quick to recommend stepping outside your comfort zone by adopting little changes. He wasn’t asking us to start eating kale and quinoa at every meal, but he was asking us to give it a try once or twice.

“The key to success is to take it slowly and to embrace the unfamiliar gradually,” he said. “Make your health and wellness a priority.”

We talked about the things we surround ourselves with every day – the food we eat, the people we see, the music we listen to, the programs we watch on television, and Tristan challenged us to review these. “Surrounding yourself with good people and positive situations boosts your energy.”

What makes you glow?

Tom Daley in his speedos got a few votes, but once the giggles subsided Tristan challenged us to list ten things that make us glow day to day. It might be the things our children say, reading a good book, meditating, or something else. He also asked us to write down ten things we don’t like doing and to do less of them.

The true essence of everyone is FABULOUS, but circumstances get in the way. We could all resonate with that! Very often we give our full attention, energy, and resources to our family, leaving nothing but crumbs for our own needs. Tristan asked, “What’s your definition of taking care of yourself?” We all pondered on this as he added: “We can get lost along the way, but we need to start putting ourselves in the spotlight more often.”

Being GORGEOUS starts with your relationship with yourself. Understanding your worth and appreciating your potential. When you’re low in energy, you operate from a restricted place, but by nurturing yourself, you can blow the lid off your life.

He set the group an exercise to take a 5-minute life inventory. What’s working for you? What isn’t? Do you eat well? Sleep well? What changes can you make? He also advises buddying-up with a friend to do this, so you are accountable.

To finish off his inspiring talk, Tristan said: “when motivation and willpower jump out of the window, preparation and organisation walk in the door.” I love this saying and now understand the importance of factoring in our health and wellness needs to the business plan.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable session with plenty of engagement and Tristan was a delight to listen to. If you want to learn more about the Gorgeousness Coach then you can find him here:





  1. Thank you for this super summary of the event Shelley and sharing Tristan’s top tips.
    I was disappointed to have been unable to attend, so I’ve appreciated being able to catch up, thanks to your blog xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by and having a read, Caroline. It was a great session (lots of giggles!). Pop over and follow Tristan’s Facebook page and hopefully you’ll catch another event he is attending.

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