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Today is EveryWoman Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for women’s health and wellbeing. So many women’s health problems are misunderstood and this day is all about women sharing their stories and helping others. Whether that’s period pain, fibromyalgia, fibroids, menopause, IBS, polycystic ovaries, or obesity, we all have a story to share that might just help someone else.

Motivate Me

Here’s my story

When I was 21 I discovered (through surgery) that I only had half my womb, one ovary, and one fallopian tube, and that what was left of my reproductive system was damaged. At the time I was told by a rather cold and uncaring doctor that I probably wouldn’t have children. Although I wasn’t married at the time, kids had always been in my future, so to be told that my dream may never happen was devastating. I was sent away with antibiotics and shattered dreams, and I know this news impacted certain life choices (like choosing an unsuitable husband because he already had children!)

The gods did smile on me and gifted me with three amazing kids who are happy and healthy, and for this, I will be eternally grateful. There was an unsettling moment in my first pregnancy where the doctors feared I would only carry to 25 weeks, but my body was stronger than I believed and I went full term plus two days. Understanding what was going on with my body at that time would have made all these experiences entirely different.

When I think back to my teenage years I remember being worried when my periods were unusual. The unfortunate side of a catholic upbringing meant I never talked about my body – EVER, but as an adult, I now see that this was a red flag that I should have mentioned to my mum or GP.

Share your story

Share your story today, reach out to other women and talk about your health and wellbeing. If you have any concerns then book in to see your GP. Take control of YOUR health. If you have a daughter, be open and honest about women’s health with her, and assure her she can always talk openly about her body with you. Let’s start to talk about our health and wellbeing before we have an issue, and maybe we can help each other.

I was lucky that my dream of having children came true. Now, at 47 I’m entering the next phase of my cycle; menopause. It’s going to be a huge change for me, but knowing that there are women I can turn to makes this next stage easier. Be one of those women that helps others and share your story in the comments below.

For more information and real-life stories check out the EveryWoman website: http://everywomanday.com/


  1. Perhaps the exact opposite to you. Never wanted children and in my 20’s asked my Doctor to put me forth to have my tubes tied. I’m in my mid-forties now and I have constantly, constantly had this simple procedure denied to me. Instead I’ve been trapped on the Pill for over 20 years, when I would prefer not to take anything at all… Their latest answer is (because now I am peri-menopausal) is to let nature take its course. I’m disheartened by this ongoing struggle. Had I been a man, I’m pretty sure a Vasectomy request would not have caused so much drama…

    1. You are so right! Why is it okay for men to do what they want with their bodies but we can’t? I’m sorry that you had to experience this and I can fully understand how disheartened you must have felt – and still feel. Let’s hope that a young woman approaching a doctor with the same issue today may get a more evolved answer.

  2. For me, it was going undiagnosed for thyroid issues (hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism) for many years. I was given the diagnoses of depression, anxiety, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. as symptoms mounted up over the years. But once my thyroid condition was optimally treated, all these things melted away.

    Awareness is key 🙂

    1. Absolutely! I hear so many people tell me how they’ve rushed their car, computer, or phone in for a service at the slightest glitch and yet their health still takes a back seat! It’s time to take action and become aware of what’s going on.

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