Introducing a New Feature for 2018 – Five Minutes With… #Blogging

Introducing a New Feature for 2018 – Five Minutes With…
IIMG_6811 began blogging five years ago and was instantly drawn in by the community feel, the support, and the online friendships that developed. As a writer I languished in the book blog and author camp, interacting with fellow scribes and devouring book recommendations.
Then I joined a hugely supportive Facebook group for bloggers, Big Up Your Blog, founded by Twitter legend, Suzie Speaks who also founded the trending hashtag #SundayBlogShare. Thanks to this group I met a host of new and interesting bloggers who wrote about a wide variety of topics including travel, beauty, cookery, music, parenting, art, lifestyle, and mental health.
Suddenly the blog-o-sphere exploded, and I stepped out of my comfortable bookish zone and began reading about medieval flooring, travelling across Lisbon, and how to bullet journal.
As bloggers, we do tend to stick to our genre groups, but by doing this we’re missing out on so much. Try searching for another topic and see what you discover.
To celebrate the diversity of the blogging community, I’m launching a new feature in 2018 called Five Minutes With… where I share an interview with bloggers from all over the world, and from every niche imaginable.
I’m so excited to share the incredible bloggers who have signed up already as they enjoy their five minutes under the spotlight. Shailaja from the Diary of a Doting Mom Blog kicks us off on the 5th January 2018.
I hope you enjoy this feature. If you write a blog and would like to be considered as a guest on the Five Minutes With… feature, then please drop me a note via the Contact page.
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