How to Create a More Fulfilling Future: Week 8 #PersonalGrowth

How To Create a More Fulfilling FutureI’ve been delighted with the response to this blog series so far and would like to thank everyone who has taken part. Readers have engaged with the questions and really given them some serious thought. It’s this reaction that I had hoped for. When we want to work on our personal development it’s so important to review various areas of our lives first. These questions give you the thinking space you need and I’ve loved reading the responses.
If you’ve missed any of the posts in this new series then don’t panic – you can catch up by clicking the links at the bottom of this post.
I will post additional questions for you to answer every Monday. As always, you might want to gather them all together like a personal workbook, or just pop in and out to answer the questions that appeal to you.
Don’t think too hard about each question, just go with the first thing that pops into your head.
If you have been following the entire series, then you’ll hopefully have a fully rounded picture of your life, goals, and aspirations so far. You should have found yourself thinking quite seriously about certain aspects of your life – this is good!
Grab a notebook, your journal, or open a new word document and record your answers so you can refer to them when needed. This week I want you to think about specific moments in your life:
Questions for week #8:

  1. What is your proudest moment?
  1. What is your funniest moment/memory?
  2. What is your most embarrassing moment/memory?

Join me next Monday for more questions.
As always, your responses can be as private or as public as you choose. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. If you’d rather not, then simply share how you find the selection of questions, if you can answer them easily or if you struggled, and what you have chosen to do with the answers that came up for you if anything.
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  1. What is your proudest moment? So many to choose from! But if I am to only count the things I achieved by myself, I’d say holding a copy of my book in my hands!
    What is your funniest moment/memory? My Pops splitting his pants at a wedding reception due to overenthusiastic dancing!
    What is your most embarrassing moment/memory? Going up to collect a Gymnastics award at school, and tripping up the steps to the stage! How graceful was I!

  2. So many great questions. I’d say my proudest “moment” would be raising my children, although before that I would have said making it through 4 years of night school. I have so many funny moments in my life, it’s hard to choose. We laugh a lot at my house and that is a joy. I’m not sure about embarrassing moments – I’ve had many! They usually happen when I’m really preoccupied with a thought and can’t see what’s very obvious – like the time I was in a book store and asked if they had any books there – I meant board games but “books” came out of my mouth. The salesperson didn’t know what to think!

  3. Ah, these were tough to answer!
    1. What is your proudest moment? Probably graduating for my counselling masters. I’d gone through a lot of personal growth during the course and it was less about the qualification and more how I’d grown as a person.
    2. What is your funniest moment/memory? This was difficult. I really couldn’t think of a stand-out funny moment, but I can recall many moments where I’ve been left crying with laughter when with friends. I love it when a story or something someone does has you in tears of laughter, but I can’t remember anything specific!
    3. What is your most embarrassing moment/memory? I still cringe when I think of this…I was at a wedding and we were waiting for the wedding breakfast to start. I was wearing a new pair of boots. As I walked across the hall, which had a wooden floor, my heel slid and I fell on my backside. Most people must have looked around but I just got up and kept walking!

    1. I think with every course we take part in, especially such a fabulous topic, there is a large element of personal growth. Definitely something worth celebrating. I agree with you about the laughter. It’s often the small pockets of giggles that keep us going. I was at an exhibition at the weekend when my friend fell off the back of the bench with a massive thud! She was so embarrassed but as it was a Mind Body Spirit show she received so many words of love, support, and kindness that her worries evaporated. I love that you owned your own moment xx Thanks for sharing x

  4. 1. On a day to day basis, my daughter forever makes me proud with her kindness, thoughtfulness, independence & silliness. However, I will always be so proud about getting my degree. I worked so hard & had zero financial support. Getting there was very stressful, but I did it & still can’t believe I managed it.
    2. Luckily so, so many funny memories throughout my life . Finding one to stand out is very hard. Haha, but just thinking of my darling husband falling down a small hill in front of a lot people we didn’t know will never fail to cheer me up (this doesn’t make me sound like a very nice wife I realise).
    3. Again, so, so many embarrassing moments. Sending a work email to all the NHS executives across the country apologising for any incontinence caused is up there. Flashing my knickers in an important board meeting can go up there too (accidentally I hasten to add & yes everyone saw them- pink & lacy ones to boot). Oh and falling backwards onto my arse whilst walking past a man at work I really fancied can also be added (pre-husband days obvs). Oh and asking a singer from a 90s indie group if she was pregnant when she wasn’t was not one of my finer moments either. Like I say, so very many.
    Great questions again, Shelley x

    1. I love your honest answers, Hayley. Congratulations on your achievement first and foremost! I’m sure hubby forgives you for laughing (and still laughing!!). What I love about the embarrassing moments is the similarity in stories – we’ve ALL experienced these moments in one way or another but learning to remember them with fondness helps us shake off future mishaps ???? I probably need to share my most embarrassing moment in a blog post all of its own lol ????

  5. I could say that my most proudest moment is seeing my kids grow to be great human beings. And whilst true, it’s not really in the spirit of the question asked.
    My proudest moment this year is me. Me waking up properly for the first time ever. Me waking up to abuse and manipulation. Me waking up to fear and facing it. That’s my proudest moment this year – every moment of it, when I was afraid but I still did the right thing.

  6. This is my favorite of the series so far. Life is made up of the moments we remember. The memories of the good times help sustain us through the bad times and just the boring, uneventful times.

    1. Thanks for that, Phil. I totally agree with you. I still giggle at some of the daft things I’ve done over the years and it never fails to lift my spirits when I’m feeling low. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment x

  7. I’m pleased I can think of quite a few proud moments but the one that springs to mind lately is finally getting started with my blog. And being proud of my whole brand – if I can call it that yet. It’s still very early days but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far and it’s encouraging and motivating me to continue ????

  8. My proudest moment was a quiet one. When I realized I’d made the toughest decision of my life, knew it wouldn’t be hard, knew there would be pain, but also knew it was the absolute right thing to do, stands out to me as my proudest moment. Deciding to divorce a man who loved me, but who’s choices left me feeling unsafe and afraid, wasn’t easy. But it was absolutely right.
    Just thinking about all the funny and embarrassing (often both at once) makes me smile. I think the time when I was dancing in my living room by myself and the neighbor across the street gave me the thumbs up because he saw my whole “routine” was right up there!

  9. I am proud of my girls every day. I also cannot call my most embarrassing moment the time I was most embarrassed though. That horrible feeling- ugh. I don’t get it much anymore. I am gone past care!!

    1. I totally agree about the yukky feeling you get when embarrassed, the trick is to turn that embarrassment on its head and remember it with a smile. I’ve been doing this exercise for a while and slowly it’s altering my perception of ‘I’m so stupid’ to ‘yep, that was a corker! Must remember to tell my friends what I did as they’ll think it’s hilarious!’ It certainly takes the sting out of it. 🙂

  10. Proudest moment – getting two full manuscript requests from well known publisher. #wetmyself. Still not heard back yet but to get this was just amazeballs!
    Recent funny memory, At Suzie’s wedding a few weeks ago and we had photos on the grass. Sacha Black had bought protective stiletto heel covering things and was so smug as we all ‘sank’ ????. Sinking into the grass whilst watching SB raise her eyebrows was hilarious.
    Embarrassing memory – being dragged down the road by dog as he chased a cat.

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