How to Create a More Fulfilling Future: Week 7 #SelfHelp

How To Create a More Fulfilling FutureIf you’ve missed any of the posts in this new series then don’t panic – you can catch up by clicking the links at the bottom of this post.
As promised, I will post additional questions for you to answer every Monday. You might want to gather them all together like a personal workbook, or just pop in and out to answer the questions that appeal to you.
Don’t think too hard about each question, just go with the first thing that pops into your head.
If you have been following the entire series, then you’ll hopefully have a fully rounded picture of your life, goals, and aspirations so far. You should have found yourself thinking quite seriously about certain aspects of your life – this is good!
Grab a notebook, your journal, or open a new word document and record your answers so you can refer to them when needed. This week I want you to think about your childhood and how you treat yourself now.
Questions for week #7:

  1. Who do you treasure most in the world?
  1. What did you learn in childhood that has sustained you through life?
  2. How do you treat others?
  3. How do you treat yourself?

Join me next Monday for more questions.
As always, your responses can be as private or as public as you choose. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. If you’d rather not, then simply share how you find the selection of questions, if you can answer them easily or if you struggled, and what you have chosen to do with the answers that came up for you if anything.
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  1. Who do you treasure most in the world? A no brainer for me, and if you know me, you know what I will say… my family1
    2.What did you learn in childhood that has sustained you through life? It costs nothing to be considerate, and will steer you through life in a much calmer way.
    3.How do you treat others? With respect
    4.How do you treat yourself? I try to do the same as with others, but sometimes I don’t put myself first.

  2. 1. Who do you treasure most in the world? My husband. He’s my biggest supporter and is always there to encourage me 🙂
    2. What did you learn in childhood that has sustained you through life? That to get what you want, you have to work for it and put in the effort!
    3. How do you treat others? I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and not judge, but if they wrong me in some way I find it very hard to trust them again!
    4. How do you treat yourself? I think I could be a lot kinder to myself. I expect too much and don’t cut myself much slack!

  3. Me again!
    1) Obvious answer- my babygirl
    2) Always remember your ps & qs, brush your teeth twice a day, share, laugh at yourself. Ultimately it’s my sense of humour that I learnt & developed in childhood that has kept me going.
    3) with respect & warmth
    4) I try to do the same with myself. I’m getting better at it.

    1. I love that you’ve carried your childhood lessons through to adulthood. Some people try to brush off earlier development to try and become something they’re not – ‘an adult!’ 😉 It’s great to embrace every part of who we were, are, and will be. Loved your answers x

  4. I treasure little moments of joy most. These can be with my son, the way he looks at me with so much love and trust in his eyes. Or when the dog suddenly darts away from me hoping to entice me to play. These remind me how to live.
    As a child, I learned to indulge my curiosity. My mother encouraged me to experiment, to question, and to wonder. My curious mind has carried me through much of the hardships of life.
    I treat others with a sense of wonder. Each person is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Not every moment am I able to engage as I would like, but finding out about the little things that make each of us unique feeds my joy.
    I treat myself with awareness. I pay attention to what I’m thinking or feeling and try to understand why. When I have awareness, I can better take care of myself when I need some tending to, and offer kindness to others.
    Thanks for the questions–made me think!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful answers, Angela. I love how you see other people as a gift waiting to be unwrapped, this is so true! We don’t know how people will effect our lives until we get to know them. Fabulous insights, thank you for sharing x

  5. Love these posts!
    Who do I treasure most – my family ????
    What have I learned through childhood? I am special / a little crazy and this has kept me going.
    I treat others far better than I treat myself. To be honest I am getting a little tired of always being there for others and leaving myself to get exhausted / tearful. I want to start putting myself first. Big thing when you have people pleased all your life.

  6. I haven’t been following these..not properly so I am going to back over them this week. I love this idea…so much better than advice in some ways, or maybe its just where I’m at. Ta Shelley 🙂

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