How to Create a More Fulfilling Future: Week #3

How To Create a More Fulfilling FutureNEW BLOG SERIES: How to create a more fulfilling future.
If you’ve missed any of the posts in this new series then panic not – you can catch up by clicking the links below:
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As promised, I will post additional questions for you to answer every Monday. You might want to gather them all together like a personal workbook, or just pop in and out to answer the questions that appeal to you.
Don’t think too hard about each question, just go with the first thing that pops into your head. Some questions will amuse you, others will test your boundaries, but all of them will bring about a sense of fulfilment.
Each week I’ll share the link to the previous questions so you can collect them as you go and don’t have to worry if you miss a week. They may seem random in their order, but if you do choose to follow the entire series, then you’ll hopefully get a fully rounded picture of your life, goals, and aspirations for a fulfilling future.
Grab a notebook, your journal, or open a new word document and record your answers so you can refer to them when needed. The questions below look at our achievements, passions, and goals.
Questions for week #3:

  1. What achievements (big or small) are you most proud of?
  2. What would you like to learn if time and money were no issue?
  3. What are you good at?
  4. What would you like to improve?

Join me next Monday for more questions.
As always, your responses can be as private or as public as you choose. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments below. If you’d rather not, then simply share how you find the selection of questions, if you can answer them easily or if you struggled, and what you have chosen to do with the answers that came up for you if anything.
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  1. What achievements (big or small) are you most proud of? Producing two crazy kids, fulfilling my dream of becoming a teacher and managing to publish at least one book!
    What would you like to learn if time and money were no issue? How to play the piano. I started at school but was never able to keep it up!
    What are you good at? Writing, singing, dancing (when I am fit!), story-telling, being silly, baking (apparently!)
    What would you like to improve? Everything. It is always possible to get better at everything! But at the moment maybe learning how to improve my time management would be good!

  2. 1. Without a doubt my daughter is my biggest achievement. She is such a beautiful soul. People tell me I’ve done a good job. Though what if she’s not like that because of me? What if she’s like that because that’s just who she is? In that case, my 18yr relationship with my husband is my next greatest achievement. I’m lucky of course that he’s a good un, but I still see that as an achievement!
    2. I wanted to do my Masters in Psychology, but couldn’t afford it, so definitely that. I would also love to do a creative writing course. That’s a given. Plus would love to perfect my piano playing. And do a reviser French course! So not much!
    3. Making friends, hugs, cracking inappropriate jokes, singing, acting, dancing & I possibly might be able to write a bit, but I’m still not convinced about that one.
    4. Definitely my writing! No contest.

    1. Love it! Your daughter most certainly IS a big achievement. I often say that my three kids brought themselves up (stressed out single parent over here haha!) but everyone tells me off for saying that. It’s down to the support they receive (from us) that moulds them, so YAY you! Oh, and repeat after me ‘I am an incredible writer’ now say that to yourself over and over and believe it because it’s true ❤️

  3. What achievements (big or small) are you most proud of? Deciding to change my life. For real this time 😉
    What would you like to learn if time and money were no issue? Archery
    What are you good at? Playing guitar and piano
    What would you like to improve? My writing

  4. Achievements: Having the courage to follow a creative life. I was a people pleaser for YEARS! I did whatever other people wanted to do. Now I am stronger and I do what I to do.
    Would like to learn to cook proper food. I cook processed stuff REALLY WELL. My strengths lie in oven chips, turkey burgers and baked beans.
    Good? I like cheering people up.
    Improve: My self confidence.
    Great post!

    1. Hahaha I can relate to the baked bean dinners!! 😉 I’m so glad you’ve found the strength to follow that creative path – this is exactly how you create a more fulfilling future 🙂 xx

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