Give Yourself Permission to Do Nothing #timeout

Motivate MeI took my three children to the seaside for the day recently to celebrate my eldest son’s 21st birthday. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and thoroughly enjoyed a full day of activities.

The resort is one my children know well as my parents had a caravan in the area for years. For my kids, it was a home from home, and going back was emotional as well as fun.

There were plenty of ‘do you remember when we went here?’ and ‘you fell off a log there!’ moments as well as visiting favourite café’s, amusement arcades, and nature walks.

By the time we got home at 8 o’clock that night I was pleasantly knackered but happy! With all the reminiscing, it got me thinking about the approaching summer and how easy it is to lose yourself in productivity. Why do we assume every hour of every day needs to be filled with a trip here, a visit there, or a holiday itinerary worthy of a SAS mission?

What would happen if we freed our minds and did nothing? When I say ‘nothing’, I mean clearing the calendar and just allowing yourself some freedom.

That freedom may include space to allow your mind to wander – a perfect way to reflect on what you’ve achieved and where you’re heading next in life. It might include a self-care routine like painting your nails, taking a walk, relaxing in the garden, or reading a book. Or it might be kicking back and leaving the household chores for a day or two.

Doing nothing can be hard for some people to grasp, mostly women, as we are always on the go. I know from experience that I can be working from home but have half my brain tuned in to the washing machine ready to empty it when the cycle ends. The ability to multitask means we rarely allow ourselves that precious long lazy afternoon off.

Permit yourself to do nothing whether it’s for a few hours, a day, a weekend, or a week. Not all our time needs to be scheduled.

If staring out of the train window could help JK Rowling create the Harry Potter books then imagine what you could create with a little time off!


  1. Good advice. It’s amazing what your mind will do when you’re not filling it with stuff all the time. You have to give it space to settle every now and again.

    1. Totally agree, April. We do so much online that our poor mind is like a computer with a gazillion tabs open! It’s nice to take a time-out x

    1. OMG yes!! I watch my kids doing their own thing and lounging around now they’ve finished college for the summer. Part of me wants to give them a chore list but then I remember what it was like to ‘just be’ x

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