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Five Minutes With…
Welcome to Five Minutes With… a new feature where I invite bloggers of all genres to tell us a little about themselves and their blogging journey.
SuzyHomemakerUK-CM5Today’s blogger is Sue Jones who blogs at The World of Suzy Homemaker.
Q1: When and why did you start blogging? Which platform do you use? 
My blogging journey began in 2014. I started on the Joomla! platform because a web designer friend told me it was the best thing since sliced bread and offered to set me up. It was something of a baptism by fire, but I learned loads.
However, I quickly discovered that as a non-techy, it was difficult to find solutions to all those irritating problems. I moved to a self-hosted WordPress site last year, where the irritations are now thankfully few and the answers are fairly readily available when they do crop up.
Q2: What topics/themes do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?
When I started, The World of Suzy Homemaker was a lifestyle blog about everything that went on in my world. Like I thought everyone would be interested!
When I changed platforms, I took an online blogging course and found my “niche”. Now, I focus on crafts and seasonal home styling. In particular, I share how I go about crafting a home that reflects my personality, by combining homemade items with high street purchases.
I say “my” like I live alone. My poor beleaguered husband of 25 years often rolls his eyes and sometimes even puts his foot down but mostly, Beloved just sighs and says “yes, dear”.
He’s a keeper 🙂
To be honest, I try not to deviate, but it’s a big enough subject that hopefully means even my restless mind won’t get bored!
Q3: Which of your blog posts is your favourite and why do you like this one so much?
When people think of decorating for the seasons, most picture Christmas. But although I do decorate for Yule, for me I wish it could be Halloween every day. Totally agree with you on that, Suzy!!
The Witch at OneandSeventy's Halloween Home Tour 2017I go all out for Witching Hour, and for the past few years I’ve been sharing my Halloween obsession with real live people, by opening up our home to the local trick or treaters. This year, I decorated three rooms and we estimate around 300 people came to visit. They were even turning up in taxis! It was bedlam, but brilliant.
With that in mind, I have to nominate this year’s Halloween Home Tour as my favourite blog post. At least until next year!
Q4: Do you have a top tip to share for any new bloggers that might be reading?
Write about your passion.
Stay true to yourself. Don’t be swayed by what others say you “should” do.
Find your tribe. Shine your beacon to those who will be interested in what you have to offer. They are out there.
Do it for you. Try not to get hung up on the numbers; it’ll only depress you when it doesn’t grow as quickly as you think it “should”. Allow your following to grow organically.
Go self-hosted if you possibly can. Ads really do detract from the reading experience.
Pop-ups are the devil’s work.
Connect with other bloggers. There’s a fantastic community of wonderfully helpful, like-minded souls out there just waiting for you. It’s how I ended up on this Q&A!
Q5: What’s your favourite social media platform?
I’m addicted to Instagram, but Pinterest is the biggest referrer of traffic to my blog followed by Facebook.
She says, not getting hung up on the numbers.
Find out more about Sue at The World of Suzy Homemaker by connecting with her via the links below:
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  1. I love reading about other bloggers and their background stories. I’m also always impressed with people who decorate their homes for various holidays – I’m lucky to get a Christmas tree up with a few extra decorations thrown in. I’m off to have a look at your Halloween home tour – 300 visitors is crazy!
    Leanne |

  2. I love your idea of highlighting the journey of other bloggers. There are aspects of this work that we all share, and I’m always interested to hear perspectives as well as confirmation of what I’m learning. Thanks for sharing!

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