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Five Minutes With…
RadhikaWelcome to Five Minutes With… a feature where I invite bloggers of all genres to tell us a little about themselves and their blogging journey.
Today’s blogger is Radhika who blogs at
Q1: When and why did you start blogging?
I started my blogging journey 1 year and 6 months ago. I’ve always been writing – in fact I used to contribute fun articles to the regional newspapers in India during my College days. Then marriage happened, the twins happened, and writing took a back seat. Once the twin birds flew the nest, the blog happened!
I use the WordPress platform, which is a user friendly site – the people behind the site are always prompt with their replies and solutions to any doubts.
Q2: What topics/themes do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?
Actually, the Tagline for my site is “I see humor in the mundane”.  I blog about anything which catches my attention (it could be world happenings or just ordinary everyday events) and I present it in a light-hearted style. Generally I don’t deviate from that.
Q3: Which of your blogposts is your favourite and why do you like this one so much?
Favourite blog post???   I have a couple of them – but maybe I do have a soft corner for this one ….
It generated a lot of fun comments and shares on my personal FB page!!
Q4: Do you have a top tip to share for any new bloggers that might be reading?
I believe in “Never mind how many seats in the hall are occupied, play as if every show is Houseful” and that’s what I would tell new bloggers too. Just enjoy the journey without letting the statistics get in the way.
I would also suggest to keep an eye out for Grammar and punctuations – because I personally believe these shouldn’t come in the way of a smooth reading experience.
Q5: What’s your favourite social media platform?
I have a few faithful readers and followers on WordPress – they never fail to comment, which is very encouraging!
Other than that most of my readers – friends and relatives – are from my personal FB page.
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