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Welcome to Five Minutes With… a new feature where I invite bloggers of all genres to tell us a little about themselves and their blogging journey.
Today’s blogger is Rachael Stray.
Rachael Stray
Q1: When and why did you start blogging? Which platform do you use? 
I had been thinking of starting a blog for about 18 months but hadn’t had the time to really get something set up as I’d been a tad busy. I started two new jobs, got married, we sold our house, relocated back to the North East and we’re now buying our new home!
What finally gave me the kick up the bum was something I spotted on Twitter which got me really riled up. I pointed it out to a few people I know professionally on Twitter and was invited to write a guest blog post for a Public Relations website on the topic. I also wrote a couple of blog posts for my day job too.
After that I decided to stop putting it off and took the plunge to set up my own blog. I often get asked for advice in respect of my day job within the Public Relations world so some of my blog posts are aimed at helping others with knowledge I have gained.
I use WordPress to host my blog.
Q2: What topics/themes do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?
I don’t have a niche theme or particular topic that I focus on. I try to share my knowledge in the Public Relations field so some of my posts are more to do with my day job.
I try to write about what I hope other people similar to me would find interesting and helpful and sometimes also humorous! For me it’s a bit of a mixed bag so hopefully something for everyone!
Q3: Which of your blog posts is your favourite and why do you like this one so much?
I think the blog post I wrote in honour of my mam’s recent big birthday is my favourite.
It’s a thank you for how amazing she is but it’s also a message (I hope) for hope and encouragement to all the step-parents out there. I’ve received some lovely comments both on and outside of the blog post itself from other step-parents to say thank you which is lovely.
Q4: Do you have a top tip to share for any new bloggers that might be reading?
I think my top tip would be to take the plunge and just get started. My other tip would be to join Facebook groups and take part in the various blogger chats as the blogging community can be so supportive and there’s so much you can learn from others.
Q5: What’s your favourite social media platform?
This is a tough one. I use social media for my day job so I’m on various platforms for most of the day. I think it very much depends what you’re using it for as to which platform I prefer.
I don’t like the Facebook newsfeed of previous years as I don’t feel like I see the content I’d actually like to see thanks to the Facebook algorithms. So I find myself scrolling less and less through my newsfeed as it’s clogged up with promoted posts and posts from people I’m not actually that close to. However, I really enjoy the Facebook groups I’m a part of both for blogging and for work purposes which I find quite invaluable.
I really like Twitter. I’ve got two accounts and I manage one for work too so I’m on the platform every single day. I just think there’s so much you can do with Twitter and the feed is better than Facebook’s. At first I was sceptical that the increased character limit would have a negative impact on the Twitter feed but I think it’s great especially for tagging others in tweets and for Twitter chats so you can get more of your point across in a single tweet.
I’m getting back into Instagram and Pinterest as of late and I’m trying to get to grips with Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Flipboard too.
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I hope you enjoyed this feature. Be sure to check out Rachael’s blog. If you write a blog and would like to be considered for Five Minutes With… then please send me a message via the contact page.
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