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Welcome to Five Minutes With… a new feature where I invite bloggers of all genres to tell us a little about themselves and their blogging journey.
Joëlle verticalToday’s blogger is Joëlle Marti, from
Q1: When and why did you start blogging? Which platform do you use?I started blogging on January 1st, 2016 because I simply wanted to do something that year that would help me be happier. I wasn’t exactly miserable before then, but I definitely wasn’t living life to the fullest, and my cliché New Year’s resolutions of years past had never worked. I wanted to do something creative, a little different, and where I’d still be held somewhat accountable for actually doing it.
Against my own expectations, I wrote a blog post for every single day that year, each exploring a “Happy Moment” from that particular day. That way, even if I had a “bad” day, or a boring day, or even just a “blah” day, the only thing I’d have to look back on from it was that one moment when I had actually smiled. Some days I even had to create a Happy Moment, just to have something to write about! 366 entries later, it had become second nature – I became a dramatically happier person over the year!
In 2017, I focused my efforts on turning Those Happy Moments into a book inspired by the blog – in the hopes that I could help others learn how to find, notice, and create their own Happy Moments for lasting happiness, too!
Now, in 2018, I’m back into blogging and other formats, using the Squarespace platform.
Q2: What topics/themes do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?
I blog about anything and everything that makes me smile on a particular day. Some days it’s a “big” Happy Moment (a first date with a handsome new guy, becoming an aunt, being the only non-Indian at a three-day wedding in Mumbai). Some days it’s a “small” Happy Moment (mistaking a mango for a custard apple, teaching my 90-something grandparents about selfies, watching Sharknado 4).
As such, my theme is pretty consistent, and can cover pretty much anything. On rare occasions when I’ve had a truly “bad” day, or something sad has happened in the world (for instance, politically), I’ll focus that day’s post on finding a silver lining and any tips/tricks to make a difficult situation a little more bearable.
Q3: Which of your blog posts is your favourite and why do you like this one so much?
That’s a tough question, but I think I’ll have to go with “Tomatoes are Red, Violets Are Blue” because it’s a good example of how we can always find some happiness in an otherwise perhaps not-so-happy day.
In this case, I was stone-cold single on Valentine’s Day (after going through a bad break-up the prior year), and decided to buck up and create a Happy Moment by buying myself flowers…Which somehow ended with me up to my elbows in dirt, attempting to sow tomatoes. It was not a raging success, but it certainly does make me smile to look back on!
Q4: Do you have a top tip to share for any new bloggers that might be reading?
I can’t say this enough: just do it! I waited years to write my first blog post, using the all-too-convenient excuse that I didn’t know how to start. Find a good “how to” YouTube video and just follow along with it. And push yourself to be consistent in the beginning, until blogging becomes a habit.
Oh, and remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, especially at first: Start with a vague idea, mix in a little spontaneity, stay committed and stubborn, and … surprise yourself.
Q5: What’s your favourite social media platform?
I’m quite a visual person, so Instagram! I just started a new account for Those Happy Moments a few weeks ago (@those.happy.moments), and it’s a great way to connect!
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  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Shelley! I’ve been loving this weekly feature and am always excited to discover other bloggers too. Wishing many Happy Moments to you and all of your followers! Best, Joëlle 🙂

  2. What a interesting read. I really appreciate people who make a conscious effort to be happier and how it pays off for them. It’s like Midlife – it’s not a time of invisibility or loss if you choose to look at the positive – there’s freedom and reinvention and so much more. I really enjoy these interview posts.
    Leanne |

    1. Thanks, Leanne. I’ve loved reading the unique stories behind some of the fabulous blogs I’ve featured. Personal development is a passion of mine so Joelle’s blog is very close to my heart. Positivity and happiness are key to living a happy, healthy, and balanced life at any age. Thanks for stopping by x

    2. Thank you, Leanne! I absolutely agree with you about freedom and reinvention – there’s simply never a bad time for it! All the best to you, and much happiness 🙂

  3. Nice to connect with you Joëlle. It’s amazing how being grateful and focusing on the happy moments becomes a habit. And it really does make us happier!

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