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Welcome to Five Minutes With… a new feature where I invite bloggers of all genres to tell us a little about themselves and their blogging journey.
emlinthorpex3Today’s blogger is Em who blogs at Em Linthorpe.
Q1: When and why did you start blogging? Which platform do you use?
I started Em Linthorpe in November 2016. I started it on a whim really, I was doing a few bits and pieces of freelance writing, and I read that having a blog was a top way to collect and showcase your work, and well as network and promote yourself.
Then I started reading about blogging, blogging tips, blogging communities et cetera and realised how cool the whole scene was. I wanted in! And here I am somehow. I’m on WordPress.
Q2: What topics/themes do you blog about? Do you ever deviate from that theme?
Ah crikey, the question I can never answer very well. I blog about what’s in my heart, my life experiences, the things that make me tick and the thoughts that go through me.
However, I’ve also done a very successful blogging tips post (about using Flipboard) and a post about a dancewear company: with that I wanted to dip my toe into writing sponsored posts that fit in with my overall style. That was a laugh, really rewarding and well received too.
I’ll be honest, I’m still finding my feet and I like writing about many different things, so I’m very all over the place. My blog represents my general approach to life!
Q3: Which of your blog posts is your favourite and why do you like this one so much?
I don’t have a favourite! I honestly don’t. I like a fair few of them. I would recommend a different post to whoever asked me, depending on what they liked to read.
If you like fun stuff then you might enjoy the Soundtrack to My Life post.
And if you like reading emotional life stuff, then you might find Coping with Anxiety more to your taste.
In 2018 and beyond, I mainly want to write more than I have been doing, so maybe my favourite post will exist soon!
Q4: Do you have a top tip to share for any new bloggers that might be reading?
Go and join a few blogging groups on Facebook, read and follow the rules, sit back, read blogs. Read lots of blogs. Take notes of things you like, logos, layouts, post ideas. Bookmark and follow some that you enjoy. Leave some comments. Realise that lots of bloggers have ulterior motives, that they may be recommending certain products because they make money from doing so. Use your loaf. Remove yourself from the Facebook groups that are no good for you. Repeat from the beginning.
And write some of your own stuff between doing all this. And you’re away!
Q5: What’s your favourite social media platform?
Facebook I reckon. It’s the best all-rounder for me – it’s great for sharing, discussing, networking, and discovering. Other social media sites do specific things better, but Facebook is the place that you need to be present at, and has so many parts that you can play around with.
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