February Self-Improvement Challenge #PersonalDevelopment #SelfCare

February SI Challenge 2018Making the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and personal development. When making any kind of life changes we can often be deceived into thinking this involves giving up our favourite activities or having a total overhaul of our mental, physical, and spiritual self, but that’s not the case
One small action taken every day is a single step towards feeling more fulfilled. I’m not asking you to do everything on February’s list, but if something resonates with you then add it to your day.
Be more mindful of the task and think about why you want to do it, how you’re going to do it, and more importantly, how is it going to benefit your self-improvement journey. If the task doesn’t evoke any reaction, be it pleasurable or uncomfortable, then it’s going to be a waste of your time.
I’d love to hear how you get on with this challenge so please do leave me a comment about the tasks you partake in, how you feel adding them to your day, or if you struggled with any of them
Monday: Make a record or start a list of one word that sums up how you feel today and every day.
Tuesday: Call (don’t text or email) an old friend for a catch-up.
Wednesday: Make a list of all your strengths. Ask a friend also to write a list of what they think your strengths are and see how the lists differ. Often our friends see things in us that we fail to notice.
Thursday: Declutter your wardrobe. Get rid of everything that you haven’t worn in twelve months, makes you uncomfortable, and is old and past its best, or doesn’t fit you.
Friday: Update all your passwords.
Saturday: Create a vision board of what you hope to be, do, or have this year.
Sunday: Turn your phone off for the entire day.
I’ll share another seven tasks next Monday so be sure to check back for more of February’s self-improvement challenge. Good Luck x
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  1. great list as ever, Shell. I know I am not going to have time to do all of these this week, but I will aim for at least half! Will let you know how I get on, Sooz x (PS the declutter itself would take more than 7 days, although that includes the garage!!)

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