Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life: Week 4 #PersonalDevelopment

January Challenge: Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life
Welcome to the fourth week of my January Challenge. I hope you managed to achieve all the daily tasks from last week’s post. If you missed it then catch up HERE.
Here are the next seven day’s challenges:
Day 1 – Be the Best.
Whatever you do today be the best at it. Take pride in what you do and feel passionate about doing something worthwhile. If you don’t feel like this about your life/job look at how you can either improve or make changes.
Day 2 – Be Bold.
Review your goals then set bigger ones! Look at what you’ve achieved then aim higher. Push yourself, challenge yourself, and focus on breaking out of your comfort zone today.
Day 3 – Learn Forgiveness.
Let go of any past hurts whether they are in your personal or professional life. Holding on to these emotions is only causing you pain. Let it go and get on with your life.
Day 4 – Forget Material Wealth.
Stop focusing on what you’ve got or what you want. Today I want you to concentrate on making memories. Remember, you can’t take any of this material stuff with you when you die so start building your legacy today.
Day 5 – Be Positive.
Feel empowered rather than hindered. Rethink how you view situations and turn a negative into a positive. Being positive attracts more of the same into your life.
‘Thoughts become things.’
Day 6 – Take a Break.
Rest when you need it. It does no good to keep going until you break. Today is all about getting quality me-time, relaxing, and regenerating.
Day 7 – Enjoy the Little Moments.
Reading a book. A mug of hot chocolate. A walk in the snow. Coffee with a friend. Relish the small moments in your life today.
There you go. Seven-day challenge. I’ll post another seven challenges next Monday so be sure to check back and join in. Leave a comment in the section below and share how you got on, or if there was anything you struggled with.
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  1. I’m low on motivation this month so much more effort needed all round.
    Excellent list for me to focus on, its so easy to collect material things thinking they will help. They usually don’t, be your best, be creative, elevate the every day.

  2. All such important pointers. Learn forgiveness…definitely! Couldn’t agree more. Nothing weighs so heavily or negatively as carrying bitterness around. (I feel a song coming on. ‘Let it Go, let it go….!’)

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