Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life: Week 3 #PersonalDevelopment

January Challenge: Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life
Welcome to the third week of my January Challenge. I hope you managed to achieve all the daily tasks from last week’s post. If you missed it then catch up HERE.
Here are the next seven day’s challenges:
Day 1 – Live in the Now.
Forget what happened last year, last month, or yesterday. Live for today and make it your best day yet.
Day 2 – Open Your Eyes.
Most of us exist instead of living our lives to the full. Be more conscious of your surroundings today. Watch out for opportunities. Experience life and don’t let it pass you by.
‘Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.’ Walter Hagen.
Day 3 – Discover Your Mantra.
Write yourself a mission statement for the year ahead. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? How are you going to achieve it?
Day 4 – Learn Something.
Be alert for lessons in the things you see, hear, and do today. Learn from any mistakes, listen to your mentors, and focus on what you can take from every situation.
Day 5 – Choose a Hobby.
If you haven’t got a hobby then I suggest you find one. Learn a new skill, be creative, and have fun. Share what you discover with your friends and family.
Day 6 – Leave the House.
Yes it’s winter, yes it might be cold, wet, windy, and miserable, but go outside anyway and explore. Go for a walk, drive to the seaside, or tidy the garden. Do something outdoorsy today.
Day 7 – Switch Off the TV.
Spend the day reading, cooking, or listening to music. Avoid watching reruns of old shows. Gather family and friends and play a board game or sit around the dinner table and chat for hours.
There you go. Seven-day challenge. I’ll post another seven challenges next Monday so be sure to check back and join in. Leave a comment in the section below and share how you got on, or if there was anything you struggled with.
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  1. These are great challenfesges, Shelley. Living in the here and now is a biggy for me. I’ve been thinking about doing painting again. Not that I was seriously into it before, bit I always found it relaxing and I think I’d find it therapeutic 🙂

    1. I think that’s a wonderful thing to do. As a creative person I find writing, drawing, colouring, and painting to be the most rewarding personal development tools. Good luck with yours – perhaps you could blog about it 🙂

  2. Ah, the TV one will be easy, I hardly ever turn it on for myself. Besides nearly all the numbers and words have rubbed off the remote, it’s like lucky dip if ever I want to use it.

    1. Ha ha, that’s hilarious! My real time viewing is non existent now but I do love a good box set! Of course, on a wet and windy weekend that can be just as therapeutic as reading, baking, or any other creative activity. 🙂

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