Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life: Week 2 #PersonalDevelopment

January Challenge: Daily Tasks to Improve Your Life
Daily TasksWelcome to the second week of my January Challenge. I hope you managed to achieve all the daily tasks from last week’s post. If you missed it then catch up HERE.
Here are the next seven day’s challenges:
Day 1 – Be Proactive.
Take charge of your life. Strive to be better at everything you do today. Don’t wait for other people to give you the green light. Embrace the power within you and make today a fabulously proactive one.
Day 2 – Be True.
Today I want you to be original or extraordinary. Don’t try to please other people or become someone you’re not. Be uniquely you for the day.
Day 3 – Help Out.
Who needs your help today? Is it a friend, colleague, or a family member? What can you do to make someone’s day better?
Day 4 – Give Yourself the Gift of Time.
Allow yourself thirty minutes to work on your personal goals. Use it to plan, write, nurture, or focus your attention one-hundred percent on achieving happiness and success. (Why not give yourself thirty minutes every day from now on!)
Day 5 – Face the Fear.
Stop avoiding situations, tasks, or people who cause you fear today. We are all afraid of certain things but this stops us from achieving our goals. Face that fear and address it.
‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear.’ Jack Canfield
Day 6 – Nurture.
I believe in a holistic approach to life which means looking after the ‘whole’ person – mind, body, and spirit. Find a way today to stimulate your mind, refuel and refresh your body, and boost your spirituality.
Day 7 – De-Clutter.
Take it one room, cupboard, or drawer at a time but start the process of clearing your clutter today. Negative energy stagnates around ‘stuff’ so clear it out and leave room for positive energy and new opportunities.
There you go. Seven-day challenge. I’ll post another seven challenges next Monday so be sure to check back and join in. Leave a comment in the section below and share how you got on, or if there was anything you struggled with.
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  1. It’s strange how depressing clutter can be. I always feel a lot more cheerful when I’ve got rid of something, either by getting it out of the house, or by putting it away in a sensible place.

  2. Day 2 and 5, Be true just talked to someone about this very thing. Embrace who you are that’s something I’m working on for 2018. Day 5, Another one I’m focusing on for 2018. It’s nothing like conquering a fear. I’m the type of person that will overanalyze or think of gazillion other things to keep from facing my fear. I’m a work in progress.

    1. Being mindful with any project be it personal or professional is the best way to be. Sometimes we need a nudge to remember that. I hope the daily challenges I’ve set throughout my January posts can help with this. Writing a list of regular ‘habits’ is a great idea xx Thanks, Suzie

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