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Create a Vision of Your Future

By adopting a more laid back approach to my New Year and setting myself intentions rather than goals or resolutions I’ve found that many opportunities are happening organically and with a calm and relaxed flow about them.

Every year I run a series of vision board workshops, and before I start the sessions, I make sure that I have my own board made. However, this year, I didn’t make a large board for myself as I normally would. Instead, I covered two pages in my planner with the types of things I intend to do, be, or have this year and beyond.

It was hugely cathartic to doodle about doing fun things, being by the water, stopping to smell the roses, and the places I’d like to see, but there was no urgency or goal setting involved.

Creating a vision for your future doesn’t have to be all about SMART goals and rigid structure. The days of regimented resolutions and diarised action points have vanished for me, and in their place, I’ve discovered a more focused, yet authentic way of progressing, growing and developing my personal and professional self.

Vision boards are a spontaneous way of tapping into your true self, getting out of your own way, and visualising the life you intend to lead. At my most recent workshop the ladies arrived with a rough idea of how they wanted to develop their boards, and yet they left with something entirely different. Each of them was surprised but delighted by the outcome.

Here’s what Orchard Business Development owner, Karen had to say:

“I absolutely loved attending my 1st vision board workshop this morning! A great way to take time for me and to really focus on what’s going to be important and a priority for me this year. Start as I mean to go on…”

Do you make a vision board for the year or a specific project?

If you want to have a go then here’s what you need:

You’ll need a cheap cork board or a large piece of strong cardboard, scissors, pen, glue and an assortment of magazines (try and pick ones that you wouldn’t normally read).

Once you have your equipment, you can start to flick through the magazines. If you know that this year you will be changing your job, then look for photographs, wording and pictures that represent the new role you are interested in.

If you plan to start a family, look for cute baby pictures and photographs of pregnant ladies. If you want to move house, then find pictures which represent the area you want to live in (e.g., by the sea) and the type of property you want. If you haven’t got a clue what you want just flick through the magazines and cut out any words, pictures and photographs that draw your eye and make you smile.

As you are cutting them out you may have no idea what direction your board is going – don’t worry, this is normal and once you start to stick the pictures down a pattern will emerge.

Once you’re happy with your board, put it up where you can see it every day. Keep looking at it and imagine yourself living the life that your board shows.

If you’d like to learn more than grab a copy of my handbag guide Vision Boards for Beginners available in eBook or paperback.

January’s theme is all about intention, and I’ve loved celebrating that so far this month, even down to the intention I had of not doing what I usually do.

I didn’t need to make a large vision board to create my future. A small handwritten note on the bottom of my mini board still manifested a book signing opportunity for March 2019 in Leeds, UK within two weeks of me writing my intention.

Working with intention and using tools like the vision board is a wonderful way to create the future you want and deserve.

If you have made a vision board this year feel free to share any manifestation stories in the comments below or post a photo of your board on my Facebook page.


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