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Being Organised to Succeed
MM Free-From Blog GraphicThe key to achieving success in anything we do is being organised. Every woman I know has a knack for multitasking in some way, whether that’s juggling home and kids, or managing a career and lifestyle, or perhaps dealing with a mix of all of the above. Organising your life takes away that bubbling panic and scatty brain fog that accompanies overwhelming thoughts.
Have you ever wanted to do something but can’t quite verbalise your idea? Do you find there are too many thoughts whirling through your brain and you find it difficult to ground yourself? Organisational techniques are vital in helping us calm the nerves and rationalise our feelings.
If you’ve read my previous post about my free-from journey, then you’ll understand the need for me to be even more organised than before. I need to check and double-check that everything I buy and eat is gluten-free. I’ve also greatly reduced my sugar intake, so this is another factor to consider as I prepare meals.
However, my kitchen looks like this!!
As I embarked on an elimination diet, re-introduction of food groups, and the discovery that gluten, wheat, soya, and also tomatoes/potatoes cause me an issue, I started a house extension which means my kitchen is not accessible.
How do you stay focused and organised in this situation? I wanted to share what I’ve been doing to ensure I stick to my plan because I know from experience how easy it is to let new healthy eating regimes slide when up against a barrier.
When I was at my Slimming World sessions, I would hear week after week how people had abandoned their routines after one bad day, or even after a single blow out. Changing our entire lifestyles is hard work, but it’s also vital for our health and wellbeing.
My entire body and mind have changed for the better as I’ve embraced this new gluten-free and sugar-free lifestyle and I’m not going to let the small fact of being kitchen-less stop me!
The Power of Planning
There are two words that will change your life around entirely, and those words are ‘meal planner’. It’s a conscientious goal to tell yourself you’ll lose weight and eat healthily, but if you’ve had a bad day at work, or been stuck on the motorway for four hours, then the last thing you want to do is start picking through the cupboards and fridge trying to work out what to cook the family for dinner.
I spend an hour every Friday planning out the meals we’ll have for the coming week and writing a corresponding shopping list. It doesn’t take long to do, and once you’ve got the hang of it then you might prepare two, three, or four weekly meal planners, so all you need to do is pick one and shop accordingly.
I list everything: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snacks.
I will be sharing a few posts about what I eat in a day for anyone who is interested, but for this post I wanted to share how I’ve organised myself to succeed without my kitchen.
Healthy EatingMeal planning in advance means I’ve got one less thing to worry about. As well as planning our menus and coordinating my shopping list, I also order everything online. Thank goodness for online grocery shopping. You can have your entire list uploaded in less than half an hour, saving your favourites, so it’s even faster the next time you log in. From the comfort of your home, still in your pyjama’s, with a steaming cup of tea, you can accomplish your grocery shopping stress-free and then sit back and wait for your delivery. It astounds me how many people don’t take advantage of this facility. It’s a wonderful feature and saves you a huge amount of time, effort, and money. Nearly every supermarket now offers online shopping, so if you don’t already use this service consider giving it a go.
Meal planning and online shopping are life-changers in themselves, in my opinion, but I’ve had to step it up and set aside a few hours at the weekend to batch cook over at my parent’s house.
I have The Body Coach legend, Mr Joe Wicks to thank for this top tip. His advice for achieving success is to spend one day (typically a Sunday) cooking up a storm and preparing several meals for the freezer. In one afternoon I made ten main meals. Not only did I then have a clear plan of the food we would eat for the coming week, and a fridge and cupboard full of supplies, but I had all the meals pre-prepared and stored in the freezer, so all I had to do was defrost them throughout the day and reheat for dinner in the microwave that is currently balanced on the ironing board! (It will all be worth it once the building work is complete!) One day of cooking means I stay on my gluten-free plan. It also saves me approximately four hours of slaving over a hot stove across the seven days in a week. I’d say that’s an organisational skill worth trying, wouldn’t you?
How do you maintain your healthy eating regime when up against challenges?
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  1. Love how you are managing despite being kitchen-less!!!!
    I slip… often… but I try to have healthy snacks available at all times as snacking is my downfall!

          1. Well… much as I’d love to choose unharnassed.. . Our old one only died and we needed to get one that fit the space! It’s shiny silver and a Samsung…. good enough for me!!!! ????

  2. It can be a nightmare living without a kitchen but it sounds like you’ve got a great plan to keep on top of your diet and remain healthy which is fantastic. A lot of people resort to takeaways which is expensive and not healthy!! Looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen!

    1. If the gluten-free lifestyle wasn’t a necessity for my health I think I probably would have been tempted to go down the takeaway route! Feeling better in myself is the motivation I needed to stick with it – through all the challenges haha

  3. Your project looks like a big one! I’ve tried to avoid bread and wheat-based foods. Avoiding meat, too. Not a never, just more of a “make a different choice” kind of thing. i do find that the less sugar I have the better I feel. It’s a sneaky bugger though! Once I eat a brownie I feel like i want ten more. But, there’s a clear solution to this–don’t eat the brownie in the first place! Make a different choice. I am also challenged with being fully organized. Instead of an outline, I think of my life as more of a cluster model. It’s all in there, but the order of things changes. There are definitely times when I wish I was more deliberate. I’m going to give all that more thought. Thanks, Shelley. I love following your journey.

    1. I know what you mean about ‘not a never’ as I’ve cut certain foods out that don’t give me a negative reaction but I just want to cut down on. Oh my goodness, yes to the sneaky sugar brownie scoff-fest!! I’ve been there! Thanks ???? ????????

  4. You are doing so well!! Looking forward to comparing GF diets at the Bash – I really need to be more organised with meal planning, but it doesn’t help when I never seem to know how many will be here to eat!!! Or when I will be well enough to cook….have a 40th birthday cake to create this week so will do my best to follow your example (and hubby is away on a year 5 activity trip for the week leaving me with eldest & youngest as my carers!!!)

    1. I can relate to that, Claire. As my three are now 19, 17, and 15 they have busy college, work, and social lives so I never know who will be here for dinner! I tend to make a big pot and then freeze what doesn’t get eaten (or have it as left overs the next day). x

  5. Sugar they say is more addictive than cocaine, and you know what that stuff does to you, well not personally mind you 🙂 BBQ in the garage worked a treat when we had no kitchen on the farm, and a crockpot!! Whatever diet works and makes you feel better is the best one, no matter what it is. Good on you Shelley for sticking to it, it’s not easy.

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