About Me

Hi! I’m Shelley. Welcome to my blog. I’m passionate about personal development and self-help and love to post about anything to do with these topics. It might be goal setting, inspirational stories, challenges we face, or motivational insights. I also like to share the occasional blog about surviving domestic abuse, being a single mum to three teenagers, divorce, holistic health, and writing.

I am an author, blogger, and a coach. My writing life is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde story as I write for two genres that are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

My sensible and professional self writes non-fiction books for the self-help, and personal development genre. Whereas my cheeky and playful side loves to write young adult fantasy fiction.

Alongside this little corner of the blog-o-sphere I also write a book blog where I share reviews, author interviews, and anything to do with writing, reading, and book related events. You can find that blog HERE.

The personal stuff:

I’m a single mum to three teenagers, a very old goldfish, and a crazy black cat called Luna. My favourite things (apart from my children) are vampires, fantasy and sci-fi, Tudor history, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Netflix marathons. I love visiting historical sites and can be quite excitable around a castle ruin.

I’m tall (5ft 11inches) which seems to surprise people when I meet them! I often hear, “you’re much taller than your profile picture!” 😉

I try to find the silver lining in every situation and this mind set has got me through some very tough moments.


Image Sourced via the wonderful Faye at Faye Green Photography.