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5 Things I'm Grateful for This WeekI spotted this link on Lauren’s beautiful blog, Milly’s Guide and thought it was a fabulous idea. I write in my gratitude journal most nights but to do a weekly review certainly helps put your week into perspective.
Lauren encourages everyone to join in so I thought I’d give it a go.
Here are the five things that I am grateful for this week (Fri 21st – Fri 28th July):

  1. The school summer holidays have arrived. My middle son left secondary school this year which just leaves my youngest who will start her final year in September. This means school holidays aren’t going to be around for much longer as my teens grow up, get jobs, and carve out a spot in their own corner of the universe. I’ve always loved the school summer holidays; no alarms, lazy days, a house full of friends and laughter, paddling pool parties (yeah, we do occasionally get sunshine in summer!). I’m grateful for the holidays and spending time with my kids.
  2. Catching up with friends. Since getting back from my trip to America, I’ve tried to catch up with as many pals as possible in between attacking the to-do list and sorting through the gazillion emails that mounted up during my break. Being able to find time to meet a friend for a coffee is something I’m very grateful for.
  3. My blog stats were booming! Anyone who reads my author blog will know how excited I was about my recent trip. When I returned to the UK, it seemed like a good idea to blog about all the activities we’d done and places we’d seen. When I published the post Magical Mystery Tour: Part I over on my author blog I got a ‘ping’ from WordPress to say my stats were booming! Yay, I’m so grateful to everyone who popped over to read, like, share, and comment.
  4. Writing goals. My latest YA fiction novel, Oath Breaker, was released at the start of June and I’ve had some incredible feedback from readers. I’m currently working on the sequel and am grateful to find the words flowing, the plot twisting, and the positive vibes keeping me afloat.
  5. A little bit of self-care. After a couple of long-haul flights, my neck and shoulders were in a bit of a state, so I’m grateful to Jaki from Mind Spa for the wonderful lava shell massage she gave me to unwind my knots and leave me floating on air.

That’s it! The five things I’m grateful for this week. I’d love you to join in, so please add your own list in the comments.
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  1. My 5 things:
    1. My cats, Archie & Ziggy, bring me such pleasure every day. Working from home can be hard so when a little bundle of fur jumps up for some TLC I take a break & have a munch.
    2. My friends. Although I don’t ever recall getting lonely, living alone means my friendships are very important to me. Being able to message my Bestie, meet a friend for a coffee or to go out for food really relaxes me & blows the cobwebs away.
    3. My convertible. In 2009, I bought my first convertible & that meant no going back. Being able to get out, with the top down & my iPod planning is so freeing. I absolutely love it!
    4. My self-employed world. I became self-employed 5 years ago & that Shelley Wilson is responsible for planting the seed – thank you Shell. My life is so different now. I have great clients, so much more free time & I’m beginning to live the life I always wanted to.
    5. Help. Being an only child & always fiercely independent, I have struggled to ask for help & support. Now in my 40s – I got there eventually – I ask for help when I need it & see how privileged & pleased my friends are when I ask them. A real eye-opener to me!

    1. I love your list, Nikki! Having driven a convertible in America I totally understand the attraction 😉 You have gone from strength to strength over the past five years (in business and self) and it’s a joy to watch your achievements. Thanks for joining in xx

  2. oooh:
    1. Yep, friends, especially ones like you and Terry
    2. My adorable 2 grandchildren
    3. The chance to be an active (though exhausted) part of their lives
    4. The lovely new book covers Gina Dickerson has designed
    6. Picking blackberries

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