Learn How to Be Kinder to Yourself #PersonalDevelopment #MentalHealth #Wellbeing

Learn How to Be Kinder To Yourself

There are times in our lives when everything gets a bit too much. Whether that’s overwhelm at work, too much screen time, an extensive to-do list, or a strain on our mental or physical health. Instead of taking a step back we often soldier on regardless of the consequences.

Being kinder to yourself should be top of your priorities. If you’re overwhelmed at work look at where you can delegate tasks, or turn to someone for help. If you work for yourself as a sole trader or freelancer, then look to your wider network for assistance, or bounce ideas off a trusted friend about where to cut back.

Releasing Negativity

Perhaps you’re living a life of constant scrolling and too much screen time? We all do it. I was sat in the hairdressers recently and was amazed to see I was the only person reading a physical book. Everyone had their phones out, texting, tweeting, scrolling, or watching. We are on the go 24/7 and the pressure this puts on our mental health is frightening.

It often takes something negative to pull us out of the fog and notice what we’re doing. I struggle to function when I’ve spent too much time online. My thoughts swirl together, and I feel like I’m wading through treacle. At this point, I turn off my notifications and leave my phone in another room wherever possible. By doing this, I can honour myself and see to my personal needs.

Without the distractions of my phone, I’ll read more, play with the cat for longer, grab a coffee with friends and really listen to them without the constant ‘ping’ of my twitter feed, or Facebook notifications.

When I allow myself to be kind and nurture my personal growth I can tap into that inner wisdom that lies just below the surface. It’s the creative voice in my head that can only be heard when the rest of the world goes quiet. Try it, and you might be surprised!

Answer the following questions truthfully:

Q: Are you feeling overwhelmed at the moment?

Q: What area of your life is the most overwhelming, is it life in general, career, family, finances, time management, or something else?

Q: What can you do TODAY to help yourself? Remember, it’s about being kinder to yourself, not about adding to the to-do list.

The more time you can spend being kinder to yourself the easier it will become to notice when you’ve slipped into old habits. I can recognise the low points much faster these days and have tools in place to help. You can do the same, and soon you’ll be feeling more balanced, and focused.

What tools can you use?

Meditation, gratitude journal, colouring books, watching films, meeting up with friends, music, dancing, exercise, spending time with animals. Do any of these appeal to you? Add them to your weekly activities and use them when you feel like everything is getting too much.



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