How to Organise Your Workspace and Boost Your Productivity

How to Organise your WorkspaceAs a writer, I have developed a knack for writing anytime and anywhere. It can be in a coffee shop a la J.K. Rowling, or on the train during a commute. I’ve even been known to take a pad and pen into the bath with me, but nothing compares to having a desk for my creative pursuits.

Most office workers will have a desk they call their own, and they can become highly territorial about it. It’s a place to house your potted plant, family photo, folders, files, a collection of coffee mugs, and somewhere under the mess, a laptop or computer.

Having a desk at home can be vital to your wellbeing and sanity. It’s where you can plan, organise and streamline your life. A dedicated workspace allows you to stay prepared, and be on top of the household comings and goings as well as work related activities.

So, how can we organise our home workspace and boost our productivity?

  • Tidy Desk, Tidy MindTidy Desk Tidy Mind

My desk has multiple uses. It’s where I write my books and blog posts. My computer is located here, so it’s where I send all my emails. I have a small filing cabinet where I store my bills once paid, and a stack of filing trays for receipts and school related letters.

Once I’ve finished my writing projects for the day, I clear the desk down, so it’s ready for the children to do their homework, or for me to sort out my household budget.

Keeping my desk tidy helps me to stay on track with running a home, a business and coordinating three teenagers.  Everything has a place, and I know that I can put my hand on what I need fairly quickly. If I didn’t have a workspace at home, then I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on in my life!

  • De-Clutter Regularly

I can’t talk about organising a workspace without mentioning my favourite hobby – de-cluttering! It’s great to have a dedicated area to sort bills, send emails or schedule family activities, but clutter breeds and it needs to be sorted out on a regular basis. Otherwise, your beautiful, well thought-out desk space will become another stress point.

With an ever increasing reading list, I recently decided to invest in larger bookshelves and a new desk; it was the ideal opportunity to de-clutter my office. I donated some older books to charity, freeing up lots of space, and spent a therapeutic afternoon sorting through paperwork, folders, and shredding anything I no longer needed. The time I spent left me feeling inspired and I was eager to get back to writing in my new office space.

  • Divide into Zones

I’m fortunate that my writing cave is large enough to fit my desk, bookshelves, and a small seating area. Having a ‘work zone’ and a ‘relaxation zone’ is a fabulous way to boost your productivity. You can move between areas throughout the day whenever you need to take a break.

It’s useful to have something at home that you can use as a control centre or a home hub. It doesn’t have to be a huge desk or take up a lot of room. Before I was able to use one of the rooms in my house as an office, I had a small desk tucked into the corner of my kitchen. It worked just as well.

Think about where you could base a workspace in your home if you haven’t already got one.  If you have, then what could you do to make it more organised? Pen pots, filing trays, noticeboards are all helpful items to keep the flow of positive, organised energy moving.

I’d love to hear about your organised workspace, be it at home or in an office. Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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